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Fine Lines in Japan + Blacks in Japan Recap + #60DayBIJChallenge

Hi かわいい + creative family,

Happy Monday ~

It’s my first day back at work in the States but wanted to keep up with my recent DC to Japan adventures.

This past season wouldn’t have been possible without your support, THANK YOU.

So I wanted to update you on the two main things I was in Japan for ~

tattoos  + Blacks in Japan conference.

It’s pretty hefty on the photo spam, but I hope you’ll enjoy.

🌸INKPLAY, MADE in Japan🌸

I arrived in Tokyo in time to get ready to head to my guest spot the next day ~

working with friends at Heavy Weight Tattoo ~
given the placement, she took it like a champ
and already ready for our next session together ❤
next was a custom lace mandala-inspired wrist cuff
another happy customer, I hope to meet again … in 4 years ^.^

Quality time with Hachi + 100 Yen Shop hauls and happy customers was a great way to start my Tokyo stay ❤

🌸Blacks in Japan Conference🌸

This conference is an intimate, powerful, and essential to the experience of expat life abroad in Japan. I am SO HAPPY and full that I was able to go.

Friday welcome dinner was everything! I’m happy I decided to go ~
our view the next AM … as the real work began

This part of the building is alive …

and so beautiful (yes! the plants are real)
the setting made for a beautiful shopping experience among the conference vendors
my haul ❤

🌸Black Creatives Workshop🌸

The Black Creatives workshop was a co-presentation of Anette (Japanology Reloaded) and myself ~

Together we shared tips, tricks and creative hacks for being a successful black creative … in Japan.

US vs. Tokyo Tower
Anette dropping Youtube jewels
… I dunno what I was blabbing about haha
but there was tons of sharing …
lots of questions and engagement
most important, in the end, we were all … inspired!

🌸 Our 60 Day Challenge🌸

Ameenah, Blacks in Japan founder and conference leader, had a powerful workshop – healing the black community.

We all left responsible for carrying on the energy harassed and the messages agreed upon, that we may grow stronger and more powerful in our blackness and our oneness.

Y’all ~ It was better than church on Sunday morning!

and doing the work
our call to action, the 60 day challenge and vision

As far as the 60 day challenge, we’ve committed to do the following until January 1st, 2018 ~

Our goal is to produce tangible results in our lives and in our community, as a result.

I have my accountability partner (hey Javi!!!) but we all know what added pressure putting this out there as an intention does for my personal accountability ^.^

1) Raise the Frequency – Of your lives, of your thinking, of what we share on social media, of our conversations about ourselves and others.

2) Level Up – Enriching your life by learning a new skill, trade, Japanese or another foreign language, cultural art forms in Japan or elsewhere; how we present ourselves to the world, punctuality, personal hygiene, our attitudes towards others, etc.

3) Forgiveness – Give the gift of forgiveness to someone – yourself, someone in your family, friends, significant others, or even that person on the train or in traffic. Make a phone call. Write a letter or email.

4) Physical Fitness – Check out your local community centers/gyms/schools, etc. for various activities that range from free to typical Japanese prices. Join a dance class. Create a walking group. Join the judo club. Make a plan and stick to it!

the community’s little doodle bug let me take a picture of her work ❤

There’s plenty more updates headed your way ~

Check out DC to Japan’s Top 10 reads + Subscribe to the Blog + Join the Mailing List so you don’t miss an update.

And all always, thank you for your support! ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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