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Fri-YAY Thoughts + Give-A-Way Winners + Harajuku + Peko-chan Cafe Photo Spam

Hi かわいい + creative family!

It’s Fr-YAY!!!!! And we made it thru another week, together huhuu

I hope yours was productive. I am back in the studio and a little nostalgic of Japan and missing my friends, already 😔😖😫 But the grind is real so there’s that haha!

We got give-a-way winners!!!! Thanks so much for participating in my first DC to Japan give-a-way.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
More to come … in just a few months so please stay tuned ^.^

and since I’m missing my sisters Anggy and Kaila, I thought I’d rewind to our kawaii date together where we ran the streets of Harajuku + Shibuya together ❤

But a heart to heart first if that’s ok ~

This week, I beat up on myself a little bit. If you look around my “enterprise” I got a lot going on. Sometimes I’m just doing the absolute MOST >.< despite understanding my bigger picture, my motivation, and my inspiration.

🤔💭💬Do you ever get down on yourself about your goals or have a hard time with your creative ideas? Let me know I’m not alone in the comments 💬

Truth is, I got big dreams and I’m only at the base of my mountain

… much like when I started my tattoo career 15 years ago.

I guess I just hope I’m shining and being the best (& most transparent) Imani I can be while growing ❤

In lighter news, my first (full) tattoo day was spent helping someone else through their journey …

And that’s ALWAYS fulfilling ❤

always the little things with big heart 💗💗💗

Now for some photo spam + fun!

🌸FriYAY Photo Spam🌸

🌈Around Harajuku

dayum right it’s FOREVAH! 🤣💗✨
🎵pull up I be everywhere. tweet where I’m at. my location is shared 🎶
afro caribbean art apparel find ❤
rainbows for the rainbowholic
kawaii art love
out’chea ~
246 crew
greenery pod
the home slice, PEAR!
graf corner
and shiny ^.^
MUST purikura

🌈Peko-chan Cafe

The themed cafe visit brought to you by Kaila, the Peko-chan lover of the crew haha



thanks for hanging out with me/ us ❤

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Thank you for your support! ^.^

Gambare, minna
Love, イマーニ

Let’s keep in Touch!


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