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Sharing Afro Style, The Kawaii Way at DC Web Fest

DC Kawaii Style was nominated for Blogs and Scripts for

DC WEB Fest, a DMV indie festival.

On April 12th community members Camille (Noirhus), Jade (Jadedisland), and community founder Imani K. Brown was in attendance  to celebrate and network with other local artists and content creators.

Afro Kawaii Wins

DC Web Fest annual festival was founded by Otessa Ghadar in 2013 and now in its 7th year.

Our submission to the festival was the collaborative work, AFRO KAWAII: What Is IT?! Zine

featuring the submissions from our community artists. However, this zine is just one highlight of our attendance at DC Web Fest.

Little did we as know ~

Saturday evening DC Kawaii Style won the silver award!

It was quite an adventure featuring pink energy, black excellence, and most importantly the culture of DC Kawaii Style.

From networking to digital marketing classes, this opportunity presented itself as a path that connects our kawaii community with more of the D.C area.

Here are some words from our founder, Imani:

“The Awakening”

 “‘when one of wins we all win’ is the UGK philosophy and so it is in DC Kawaii Style Congrats to the community & contributing artists of our first zine, Afro Kawaii 💖💫This weekend we won an award from DC Web Fest for bridging and bringing culture to dc – thing is kawaii style isn’t new to DC but when DC was on it’s own wavelength with rainbow fashion and harsh aesthetics (late 80’s – mid 2000’s) no one took it serious unless you were a native. And if not hip you wouldn’t know all the contributions DC has lowkey made to the industry. That part will soon change.  But we didn’t bring culture. It’s always been here and you just had to know where to look. As we ooh’d aw’d & celebrated, I asked that we take the photo at the Awakening. Because unknown to many, this statue is a huge part of DC history. (if you old enough you climbed on this creep at Haines Point) And DC Kawaii Style is on it’s way to being engrained in the very fabric of DC CultureDC Kawaii Style ain’t about me.  And it’s deeper than fashion. It’s a community thang 💖💫Here’s to an awakening of DC culture, kawaii style”

DC Kawaii Style @ Google Headquarters

More Big Wins

We recently launched the Kawaii Way Blog and currently running open model calls for our first J-fashion show at Blerdcon.

There’s also DC reporter Cordillia James’ Kawaii report   from Harajuku Fashion Walk #4 + hanami.

These have been big wins in 2019 spring season.

Alongside our success at DC Web Fest this just means our kawaii community is making its way to the hearts of our local area.

The opportunity at DC Web Fest reminded us of the importance of Kawaii empowerment and encouraged our mission to flourish further.

We invite you to get involved with the community (from wherever you are) as we continue into another season, The Kawaii Way!

Congrats DC Kawaii StyleWE Did This!

Sharing Afro Style, The Kawaii Way at DC Web Fest was originally published on The KAWAII Way

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