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A Doraemon 2019 + Goals + My #journalwithme Future

Hi かわいい + creative family!

How’s 2019 treating you so far?!

Me?! … I’m writing a book! ❤

I also used yesterday as a wrap -up ay for me to close my kawaii Kwanzaa challenge ^.^

including some goal setting!!!!!!!

A Kawaii Doraemon 2019

kawaii tattoo artist

My favorite part of closing an old year and welcoming a new one is turning the page to a new year in my new Hobonichi ^.^

This year, I decided to return to the original A6 size so pages aren’t so overwhelming for me. *boom*

kawaii doraemon hobonichi

I was so excited (clearly) and decided to not only decompress my haul … but a TON of things from my studio’s Doraemon collection that I’ll share in this month’s kawaii round-up.

Turning the Page to a New Year

kawaii doraemon

I’m SUPER excited to get to the pages … but an essential set-up may be nice, first. So here we go ~

Hobonichi Weeks

My weeks is used to keep up with my to-do’s and day to day

kawaii journaling
my version of a minimalist washi tape design of my ipukekawaii logo + Doraemon (& friends)


can’t wait to fill up my to-do’s with tattoos appointments, cancelled plans + travel ❤


Hobonichi Techo

My Tencho is the kawaii journaling safe space – for goal-setting, decompressing + gratitude, mostly. But other cute things will happen there too, I’m sure!

more attempts at minimalism


brand essentials ❤


monthly hustle + flow


already started on some pages for another kawaii journaling challenge, Dare to Dream – with Rainbowholic + Abbey Sy

Now the good stuff!

2019 + Monthly GOALS

My goals were waiting for a cute home and I was happy to give it to em!

my 2019 personal + community goals


monthly goals to make happen!


Oi! I’ll be doing more kawaii art to accompany my journal addiction so GET EXCITED! haha



Until next post (in a few days), I’ll leave you with an accurate visual of what my feels look like ~

kawaii tattoo artist

Gambare, minna


Love, Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch! hello


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