A Graffiti Tour of Las Vegas 18B Arts District with CRANK

Hi かわいい + Creative family,

Guess who went to Vegas for the first time *woot*

Of course chasing dreams + work related things landed me there.

But we’ll have plenty time to chat about that life soon enough!

But my beau, CRANK and I took a chance to go together all for the sake of a creative adventure ^.^ (there’ll be more about the amazing things he’s building and what to look forward to later, btw)

So on our off day we ventured off to the REAL LAS VEGAS ~ (or something close to it haha)

The 18B Arts District

About The Las Vegas Arts District: The Las Vegas Arts District is an approximate 18-block neighborhood located in the area south of downtown Las Vegas, roughly bounded by Commerce Street, Hoover Avenue, 4th Street, Las Vegas Boulevard and Colorado Avenue. Of course, The Las Vegas Arts District is more than a physical boundary. For everyone who lives, works or visits here, 18b is a shared vision, for which no boundaries apply.

And here we are! A full video will happen soon. But for now …

Enjoy some photo spam from our adventure ^.^

🌸 Welcome to 18B 🌸

18B Arts District welcomes you, love Apexer ❤
found my crazy love, Deadpool! ❤

we found the homie, VERSA

even their abandoned buildings are dope!

CRANK exploring …


OK seriously!

I couldn’t pass up the most kawaii cat street art =^.^=

4(for)N(ni)K8(kate) get it?!
ummm …

moving right along ~

We learned that first Friday’s brings a new batch of fresh ink to most of the alley ways + walls here …

DOPE right?!

great composition
and the mandala made me think of 876-RAWSOUL ART meditation mandalas

Wanna see more?!

cuz there’s so much more! ^.~

whhhhaaaa … dat pink Cadillac tho

some beautiful surrealism that possibly accurately describes my mood these past months ~

and words to live by ~
and … I found the perfect phot moment for my mom, compliments of artist @robinslonina
Thanks for a great time Vegas.


Thanks for hanging out with us ~

Gambare, minna
Love, Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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