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Most Unusual {Steampunk Meets Kawaii} Tea Party + Tattoo Print Release

Happy happy hump day Minna-san~

To say goodbye to January, DC KawaiiStyle was invited to take part in Hemp Kettle Tea Co. first tea program instalment, Most Unusual Tea: Steampunk meets Kawaii tea and art party, at one of DC’s latest ramen houses, Chaplin’s DC. ❤

Before I drop the skinny on that event though, I hope you stopped by #supportLIPS blog for our continuing series on Pinterest as a tattoo consultation tool. Also, here’s your friendly reminder that I am NOW BOOKING for the 2016 all girls summer tattoo tour. So if you’re reading this and I’m coming to your city, hit a sistah up! Let’s get into some real kawaii tattoo ish, yeah?! =^.^=

OK! Carrying on …

The steampunk meets kawaii tea party had an AMAZING turn-out (we sincerely thank you ALL for taking part!) that included DC KawaiiStyle and local steampunk community members. I am extremely thankful to our #supportLIPS partner, Minna and the Hemp Kettle Tea Co. family for wanting to help spread more about kawaii culture to DC.

2016-01-31 13.59.37


We (my beau and I) launched our collaboration print, which is now available for purchase here and we gave away free art. #supportLIPS swag was also a big hit, with the manekineko postcard and canbacchi buttons being a number one seller.

2016-01-31 13.50.13

I feel like we’ll always be forever connected, if through nothing but art ❤

2016-01-31 15.21.15

20 signed L.E. Eternal Reflection Series prints are now available just for you!

happy #supportLIPS supporters ^^

2016-01-31 15.20.54

THANK YOU for supporting my dreams ❤

BlackGirl Magic

I didn’t take many pics, but here are some fun moments ~

2016-01-31 11.58.39

greeting Minna and yelling ‘let the games begin!’

he was excited to be paler than usual・the yakisoba was so oishii yo

And what’s life without a little black girl magic with one of my biggest inspirations, Cocoa Butter Mothers  goddess Tameko. We’re going to have some things cooking in the kitchen for this tattoo tour, so please #staytuned~


I LOVE this picture because it shows the diversity of folks who love and support kawaii culture. Everyone doesn’t always SCREAM kawaii at first glance, but inner kawaii and kawaii empowerment are real! ❤

Please keep reading (link shared below) for the full kawaii event report, including ambiance, community fashion snaps, and more! SUPER KAWAII! ❤


Most Unusual Steampunk Meets Kawaii Tea & Art Party was originally published on DC KawaiiStyle

I’ll leave you with my kawaii face and buttons from the day since I FINALLY got to wear my Enji ID Kawaii brooch. ^^

So now you know what I do when I’m not tattooing or traveling back and forth to Japan. ((orz)) The goal of #supportLIPS is to creatively bring all of this together seamlessly and amazingly, under ONE roof.

Can you feel it?! Can you feel it?!

ipukekawaiifavicon copy



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