Creativepreneur, DC to Japan

Design Festa Vol. 43 + Work Weekend Randomness

Hi kawaii + creative family! Finally playing a bit of catch up as promised and sharing about my second experience at Design Festa, the single largest art festival in Asia. If you're not hip, check out the happenings and more about Design Festa. While fundraising for my atelier, Little INKPLAY Shop, I thought it a good… Continue reading Design Festa Vol. 43 + Work Weekend Randomness

Creativepreneur, DC to Japan

Getting Ready for Design Festa

Hi kawaii + creative family! Ohisashiburi ne~ I'm getting ready for Design Festa and thought I'd share some photo spam and preparations ^.^ I touched down in Japan last Thursday and have been on the go ... However, the power of positive thought and the law of attraction compels me. Design Festa (one of the largest art… Continue reading Getting Ready for Design Festa

DC to Japan

Japanese-inspired #INKPLAY

Hi kawaii + creative friends & family! Happy #TATTUESday ❤ I wanted to take a moment to share some of my tattoo specialty, Japanese (inspired) style. I can’t express how much inspiration I have bubbling inside me for more Japanese-inspired #INKPLAY! 😀 Since Ronin’s 40 for 40, especially, I am just oozing inspiration that needs to be harnessed! So I… Continue reading Japanese-inspired #INKPLAY

Creativepreneur, DC to Japan

Dreams of Working in Japan (& setting other goals)

Hi yah kawaii + creative family! Recently, I've been exploring my love for and interest in Japanese culture. It has sent me on a fantastically crazy journey of understanding what I would like to see for my future growth as I merge my career, interests & hobbies. That way, life never gets boring that way.… Continue reading Dreams of Working in Japan (& setting other goals)