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DC to Japan Kawaii Monster Cafe + A Stroll Through Harajuku

Hi かわいい + Creative family. Let’s take a break from goals and things. And escape from DC to Japan. We can hang out at Kawaii Monster Cafe then take a stroll through Harajuku ^.^ 

Oh! Before we go lemme say ya girl’s NOW BOOKING!

DC to Japan Kawaii Meet-up

Let’s Go, Harajuku!


Harajuku, YOKOSO!

dc to japan harajuku

Earlier That Day …

dc to japan
met up with Raichi, from Sweden for lunch and candy shopping
dc to japan
while hanging out in Laforet, met a Lolita from the Netherlands – hooray for making new friends while shopping

Kawaii Monster Cafe

dc to japan
we made it!
dc to japan
big discussion over flicks was what to eat … 🤔
dc to japan kawaii monster cafe
but we came for Halloween treats ~
dc to japan
so we split this …
dc to japan
and that ^.^
dc to japan
oishi diabetes. YES! ❤
dc to japan
cuz this plate deserves your full attention
dc to japan
another great family photo *swoosh*

My Style

Here’s what I’m wearing in my best family photo, evah! ~
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Shirt | thrifted
Leggings |Sweet Bitz Apparel
Skirt | Bodyline
Hoody | Sweet Bitz Apparel
Jean Jacket |vintage Gap
Shoes | Yru
Dc to Japan
Thanks for hanging out with us!
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Thanks for reading! Time to enjoy Japan naow ^.^

I’ll be back with updates next week! *schwing*

But until  then …

ALWAYS remember ~

If you’re not having fun while entrepreneur’ing …


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Gambare, minna
Love, Imani (イマーニ)

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