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Happy New Year + Oshogatsu Quarterly Goal Diggin’

Hi kawaii creative family and Happy New Year. I hope everyone is well, and we’re ready to kick off 2020 with greatness! I know I am and starting with my quarterly goals ^.^

It is my first post of the new year as I continue to reactivate my blog.

And I hope you’re enjoying the DC to Japan shares from my fall 2019 trip ~

If there’s anything that resonates, please feel free to leave a comment. It can be stuff like you know … what you enjoy, what you want more of and all that stuff. 😅

But yeah … GOALS!

Quarterly Goals

 I just wanted to share with you some of my quarterly goals. It helps keep me accountable and make things real for myself. Also sharing to inspire goal setting for so many reasons ^.^

Why Quarterly?!

I’ll do those instead of monthly because it’s easier on my harsh solopreneur schedule.

This way, I can share with you guys what’s going on and you can definitely still yell at me and hold me accountable.

But that way I can handle some of the smaller moving parts and still stay consistent with my blog – that is very important to me. As well as being able to share and show up and all that good stuff.

So yeah, so I also get to share more of what a new year business prep for me is like.

Seasonal Things

Fall is where I pretty much slow down a whole lot and I’m looking at what’s happened during the year – what worked what didn’t work and all that jazz cuz I’m looking at ideas. I look at what I was able to put into play and what I wasn’t able to. Then I make lists of all that stuff, generally considering what to keep or throw away, much like Spring cleaning.

And then in the winter time, is almost like hibernation. So I put everything into spaces and decompress all of the potential to-do’s and working parts.

By the time the New Year comes I’ll put all these working parts into motion a little. That’s where you just kind of start the ball rolling just a little bit at a time. (soro soro da yo!)

This is the season to make sure that oil rotates into all the gears that help make my business go vroom. And all things considered, by Spring I’m usually pretty ready to rock and roll.

Winter (1st Quarter) Goals

I have a three goals for this quarter ~

  •  launching my memoir – that’s very important to me and a part of my 6-figure strategy.
  • tracking finances – because I need to understand the financial health of my business and all of that good stuff  if I’m really tryina make power moves ^.^
  • Instagram + blog consistency – I show up but in case you guys haven’t noticed I will often ghost both IG and my blog. I’ll be consistent for some time and then I just have to go away. In fairness, most of that is that I’m still getting my business back in order from being depressed. And one of the final steps is working on my consistency ~

I’ve been depressed for a couple years now and if you know what depression looks like then you already know my business looks like a messy room – the kind when you don’t have energy to sort, all of your laundry piles up, chores are on pause indefinitely. Then you look up and you’re like oh shit, where do I start?

This is that just in business, so I had to slow down my waking up start putting things in order to start actually arranging things aren’t the way they should have been on things that have gotten out of order. I needed to really really take a hard core look at my business to actually show up to update and share the things I’m working on.

Cuz there’s no point in working on them if I don’t share them. Also showing up helps me become less shy in marketing and sharing what my business has to offer cool stuff.

I shouldn’t be too too shy about it. So that’s what I’ll be working on.

Tattoo updates 

Here are some awaii tattoo updates before I peace aout!!!!!

My studio is now officially labeled a Kawaii anime tattoo shop for the DC area was very very excited about and I am excited about sharing more about Kawaii culture in this space.

So that’s going to be very exciting.

I have updated so that you can join the community – OTAKute Tattoo newsletter. Soon enough, we will be actually sharing a lot more about kawaii anime & pop culture tattoos, not just for myself, but other tattoo artists. And our goal eventually is to build a black pop culture tattoo artist databank, so peole can find and book with us a lot easier.

 So stop by the stu’s site and sign up.

Another thing worth signing up for is my Moshi Moshi our tattoo updates.

I hope to make this a pretty big year and would love that you join me on the journey. Plus you get first dibs about my tour, meetup haps while on tour + special events if I will be hosting like tattoo talks, $50 flash events and all of that stuff. But it will only come through that particular newsletter.

So if you’re somewhere else in the world other than DC. And especially if you’re in Japan and you try to link up with me, then this will be the time or rather …

that would be the newsletter that you will want to sign up.

I think that’s it.

Cheers to an amazing 20/20.

I look forward to everything that you guys do and if you want to share any of your own personal goals as a new year comes in for this quarter, especially feel free to let me know in the comments and let’s hold each other accountable.

Either way, if I get quiet and especially if I haven’t updated or even if you’re just wondering what the f*ck you! >.< You can always yell at me ~

Those things help keep me accountable as a creative, especially as an artist. We don’t often people much haha

But I don’t just want an idea to stay at idea or dreams. I actually want my dreams to flourish into things that I can share with other people whether it’s for communication, community, creativity or actually tattooing.

I want to make sure that those things get out. So be sure to let me know if I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

All that said! You know what time it is ^.^

… time to follow thru ~ Have a wonderful day!

OH yeah ~ I’ll see you on da Gram to hang out over some TATTOO TALK, right?!

Gambare, minna 🎨☀️🌈💗💕✨ Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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