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The Blerdcon Experience with DC Kawaii Style

DC Kawaii Style really popped off this year at Blerdcon. From hosting the con’s first ever JFashion show to comm members taking the stage with panels of expertise!

If you didn’t get the chance to experience it, this recap is perfect for your visual needs.

At this point,  we’d like to throw our name in the hat as the community to continue to bring Jfashion and kawaii lifestyle to Blerdcon –

We can attest! Having alternative fashion there was welcomed and inspiring to both the active community and those looking to explore.

Community Panels

We had so many members come out and share their knowledge this year. With a total of 6 community member run panels it goes to show we have a lot to talk about inside and outside of Jfashion.

Here is a list of the panels run by our community members.

Killer Show + Shinobi Cosplay doing a thing ^.^

Do It for The Culture: Intro to Afro Kawaii

How to Survive as a Plus Sized Lolita

Why Am I Crash Bandicoot Orange?? Troubleshooting Make-up for J-Fashion While Black

So Goth We Were Born Black [18+]

Black Femmes & Creative Writing

Ask a Black Female Tattoo Artist

FIRST Jfashion Show EVER at Blerdcon 2019

Saturday Evening, we conquered the stage and the kawaii way reached the next level!

A full house of Blerdcon attendees got to experience the delightful fashion from the brands: Kawaii Carnival, A Gato Designs, Un-Re Designs, and Noble Ghost

As well as individual personal kawaii styles including dolly kei, hime gothic lolita, gyaru-o, amekaji, pastel goth, kawaii kink, aomoji and yami kawaii. All of this on one stage, can you imagine?

It was fun and love how collective the Jfashion team (Sweet Bitz, ipukekawaii, Weloveteetee) worked to keep everything together and giving direction as needed.

And our dynamic MC, Cola is a kawaii treat in person and truly an icon.

pastel + goth love

Later was a Q&A for models and brands. And our community wass outstanding in providing authentic spaces to interact with Jfashion styles firsthand.

Uplifting on many levels, nothing is more beautiful than seeing the culture of kawaii spread like this. Therefore even for everyone’s first, we’re happy to say the fashion show was a success.

Casual Meet at Blerdcon

After a full weekend, we had such an excellent turnout for a casual meet in the lobby. The goths were being goths living their best Adams Family life. While pastel cuties sparkled.

This intimate space was a good casual meet bringing kawaii lovers together for the chance to make new friends, see old ones, and decompress from a wild weekend.

Blerdcon 2019 was a kawaii success and we can’t wait to see what adventures happen next year!

Til next post!

Keep it kawaii ^.^

The Blerdcon Experience with DC Kawaii Style was originally published on The KAWAII Way

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