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Kawamomo #pINKtherapy Lookbook

Hi friends! I REALLY hope you’re ready for some retail therapy because I’m super excited to share an A+ recent pink style shopping experience with Kawamomo ~

I had such a blast that I thought I’d walk you through my looks and feels with an illustrated look book ^.^

Enjoy and please feel free to tell me how you like it and if you want more.

Also OF COURSE I’d highly encourage shopping Kawamomo but I’m sure you’ll be able to deduce that, this lookbook and review.

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#pINKtherapy Looks

Look #1 | Shoppe Gal

kawamomo look book Imani K Brown kawaii tattoo artist

I couldn’t resist pairing this cute plaid pleated skirt with my budding new new ^.^ This feel and aesthetic is ALL me!

And the best part is that this skirt is really a skort *just bless* so I don’t HAVE to worry bout bloomers if I don’t wanna

Just you wait til my kogal aesthetic comes together. I’m break-in’ all the rules ~


Look #2 | Goal Digger

kawamomo look book Imani K Brown kawaii tattoo artist

Doubled up and (re)co-orded this skirt for some Goal Digger action.

What yah think?! … I think I look the part …

The God. Goals. Grind shirt was made special for me in pink thanks to my customer-friend and success coach, Mike Powell.


Look #3 | Nyanja

kawamomo look book Imani K Brown kawaii tattoo artist

Yup! You read that right …

Cat + Ninja = NYANja

Dat me ❤

Seriously this cloak may be my new fav outter wear and I fell in love with this piece THE minute I saw it online.

Gingham plaid, starts contrast, whimsical AND pink.

pfft ~

dat me!


Look #4 | Fight Me

kawamomo look book Imani K Brown kawaii tattoo artist

This look – shirt + skirt – is a whole dayum mood!

that describes me perfectly inside AND out.

Not to mention Gloomy Bear vibes.

Psst ~

They label the shirt goth

And that’s the pastel type o’ goth my lil’ pink energy filled heart can really stand ❤

All in all, I found a new shop – in love with their offerings, affordable pricing and efficient shipping. So we all know I’ll be back sooner than later.

Go get’chu some ~

I’ma try to push these looks a lil’ further in the meantime.

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Happy shopping!

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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