DC to Japan

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[BLOG UPDATE @ ipukekawaii.com]⠀
Soooo … add public speaking to my portfolio?! ⠀
I had fun living outside my comfort zone for two seconds with a host of kawaii empowerment talks ⠀
And then there was Quirkcon 😳😸😅⠀
the weekend was loads of fun. Met lots of awesome humans. and reconnected with long time friends. there was unintentional nerd bonding, def a lot of learning and now looking forward to more paneling 🙂 but y’all!!’ INTROVERT Muahfuggin’ DOWN⠀
I updated my blog cuz this past 2 weeks of adventure have been how you say … *WHOAH!* 🤣⠀
And wanted to take a moment to shout out a host of insprations I’ve been able to either create + build with or look forward to getting to know better 💖⠀
Photo spam of these lovely accounts and adventures are in my latest post. Check em out. Say whaddup. And give a follow ^.^⠀
@culturecoffeetoo @quirkcon_ @dckawaiistyle squad @jadedisland @killershow @kaiatan109 @gigigyaru⠀
@cocoachronicles @bryanda_co⠀
@gettinganimated @charlierockecosplay @atarigems @momopixels @drewdisaster

More next update! ^.^ ♡・ipukekawaii.com・♡

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