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Kawaii Empowerment Talks with ipukekawaii + Quirkcon {Event Report}

Hi yah かわいい + creative family ~
Swinging thru to brighten your Wednesday with some kawaii community fun from our recent Kawaii empowerment meets ~

Before that though, lemme introduce you to our new blog space + cute culture resource center~

It’s been a while for any DC Kawaii Style updates here but this is why ~

Stop by to learn more about kawaii lifestyle, how it can be used as an empowerment tool, find awesome kawaii creatives + brands to support and if you’re feeling groovy … join the community! ❤

And naow ~

Here’s a bit from my first Empowerment talks ❤

Enjoy ~

Afro Kawaii at Escape Velocity

afro kawaii

First up was Escape Velocity. And the name of the name was Afro Kawaii.
I haven’t spent much time here sharing a TON about the fusion of Afro & cute culture and what’s included in that conversation. But I got’cha covered right here ~
It was a great time.
A short time and an HONEST time to start the weekend.
Next up was Culture Coffee Too

Empowering the World with Cute!


kawaii empowerment with Imani K Brown

I’m SUPER excited about this because Culture Coffee Too is DC Kawaii Style’s forever home right now.
Owner, Miss V (we call her mama V) has adopted the community and not only helps provide space for some of our meets ~
But she is also a direct driving force to my own empowerment and making sure I’m leading by example.
If you know me, you know I am a whole entire whore for accountability!
And thankful that she is willing to expend such energy on lil’ ol’ me ❤️
kawaii empowerment with Imani K Brown
photo by Jade | JadedIsland.com




Having space for an opportunity she asked that I hang my art and also share an event there.
So we decided to take my empowerment talks for a test run before our big Quirkcon weekend.
Talk about bonding. Whoo ~
OK! Now for the super big to-do!


DC Kawaii Style Kawaii Empowerment
photo by Atari Gems | Black Minds Matter Project
This is Quirkcon’s first year and we decided to submit a our 101 panel … to test the waters. And decided the topic of focus would be kawaii empowerment, of course!
A good chunk of the leading squad was there so it felt just like I’d be at home surrounded by my comm.
We took the stage as informal as we are and joked as if no one was in the room. Gigi moderated and asked questions related to kawaii empowerment and man o man …
I almost cried talking about how I see ‘kawaii’ …
it’s family and being able to define it on your own terms.
DC Kawaii Style members have become like family to me.
And I truly enjoy pushing myself if it helps make me a better person for both myself and my family.
I’m so thankful for my comm y’all ~
daily mood compliments of @drewdisaster
I got photo spam coming down the pipeline but thought I’d share from the IG’s I’ve been tagged in. They’re awesome peeps so if you happen to be so moved, PLEASE give them a follow ❤
And before I peace out, lemme say. Having a seat at THE afro kawaii table among these loves – Marritsa (1/2 of Cocoa Chronicles) + Momo Pixels + Jade (of Jaded Island) is the business 3
Thanks for hanging out and look forward to some SUPER KAWAII photo spam Saturday ^.^


Until next meet-up ~

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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