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Off to Japan + 3 Tips to Becoming an International Creative, Pt. 1

Hi かわいい + Creative family,

I’m sitting in the airport blogging some tips on how to become an international creative.


Three reasons

1. I get asked ALL the time how I came to work in Japan and how someone else can make similar moves

2. It’s early as fcux and on my live yesterday I promised that I’d speak on it!

3. It’s been almost a year since my last drop – 3 Tips to Creative Entrepreneurs, shared while doing some creativity coaching in Japan ~

For me, I’ve always wanted to experience more life abroad and proclaimed my dreams of working in Japan

Now that I’m doing it … it’s bout dat time to reach back, yeah?!

Here we go ~

🌸 Becoming an International Creative, Pt 1. 🌸

You probably noticed the ‘part 1’ to this post

Welp, that’s because there is so much to share about becoming (or being) an international creative depending on where you are in your journey.

So we’re gonna keep it simple (partially because my brain is mush) and give the first 3 tips, for any creative simply seeking to set their foot on the path to being an international creative~

look at who’s about to pack up the studio and already anxiously messy 🙄

Never mind the mess. Let’s get to the goods! ~

1. Understand the Culture

It’s simple!

Indulge and take part in the culture where you want to engage (the most). Don’t just sit on the sidelines like a spectator and attempt to sell people things. That’s whack!

And indulging’s the easy part! Surround yourself with tangible, cultural items and learn their stories. Ask plenty questions. Try new things like food and dress. Make mistakes with a heartfelt attempt to correct them next time!

Those are a few ideas just skimming off the top.

Don’t get it twisted. I’m not saying learn and know ALL of any cultural nuances. But get to know the culture(s) contributing to your bottom line.

When Save Tattooing Japan hit, understanding the culture(s) came in handy in knowing what kind of help I could offer my friends from far away.

Again … don’t be one of these (souless) people unauthentically looking for a quick buck on the back of another’s culture. And for the love of GAWD don’t be a weeb like Ariana Grande. Kay!

You won’t be sorry. ^.^

Moving on …

kawaii tattoo artists have crazy packing style – everything MUST express your kawaii-ness haha

Much like packing, gathering your own tribe of expressive supporters will have you set ~

Check your introversion at the door (← that’s more for me than you LOLz) and don’t be scared to

2. Make a Friend (or a Few)

To access other cultures, it’s often best to have a sherpa (I really like saying sherpa) – some who can introduce you to the innards of a culture.

From hood to hood you don’t just go wandering if you don’t know someone from that particular hood. Think of this the same way ~

Make friends. Get close – maybe through culture and language exchange. Share your dreams and be vulnerable if they are safe.

Because you never know how someone may want to help.

Really wanna know the truth to how I came to work in Japan … one name – Naoki. ^.^

[sidebar] here’s my potential Japan schedule – I bop around a lot ^.^ PS – I’m most excited about the Hello Kitty Shinkansen + an adventure to Tohoku to indulge in traditional kokusho culture (you may know my blog’S afro-kawaii kokusho guide, Amako-chan) [/sidebar]
also my schedule’s up for my return cuz … #nodaysoff

Best bit of advice I got on my first working vacay is to find ways monetize, fast!

You’ll need the extra capital, even if you just want to bop around ~

So last but not least …

3. Finance It + GO!

No matter what, consider taking a trip to the lands you are inspired to be international within.

Yup! Start planning a trip to the country(s) where you would like to deepen commune with customers. If you’re savvy enough, you can easily find ways to finance your trip while you’re in that space by way of convention, trade show, nightlife event ~

Whatever it is though, make sure you can double up on

1. deepening your understanding of the culture and

2. making more friends

and redid my info board (that NO ONE seems to read 🙄)
And aside from the messy Kawaii Creative Corner …
I’m ready to hit the road!



Made it to Japan!

Thanks for reading! Time to enjoy Japan naow ^.^

I’ll be back with updates soon! But until  then

ALWAYS remember ~

If you’re not having fun while entrepreneur’ing …


Gambare, minna
Love, Imani (イマーニ)

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