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February Tattoo Talk + Hobonichi Flip-thru

Hi kawaii + creative family! and happy Monday ~

It’s journal flip thru time! ❤

Indie Fashion Week DC with Alice

And before I forget ~

Here are two friendly reminders ^.^

1. the Moshi Moshi Tattoo Tour FULL SCHEDULE is now available so you can book for a tattoo session while I’m in your city.


2. you can still shop MILK BERRY Co. with my code IMANI15 for 15% off cute planner stickers ❤

Not familiar?! Check out my full review of some of the cutest planner stickers EVAH ^.^

And now …

Let’s show some #afrokawaii365 love to the February flip thru!

🌸 Tattoo Talk Tuesday 🌸

Month one and done and so happy! And the bulk of February is tattoo talk. So here’s a look at spreads about the conversations had for my first full month of Tattoo Talk Tuesday IG Lives – where I start to tell my story ~

I started with my VMG (and frying Ariana Grande to the GAWDS! She’s got a series of stupid moments LOLz)
gotta catch ’em all (the tattoo talks that is! they’re treats for your soul)
kawaii journaling
when your PR coach catch you crying on camera talking about your first tattooo experience>.<

If you missed this first series it’s OK! I’m putting it together in a cleaner format and hope to do the same for each month going forward (we’ll see huhuhu)

and the whole thing of how a racist fueled my journey to being a tattoo artist ^.^
Game time baby!!!!!!

February was filled with so much more despite not reaching (all of) my goals for the month ~

So here’s some lil’ tea lights ^.^

Enjoy ~

🌸 February Flipthru 🌸

We started with a DC Kawaii Style Zine launch

I’m really proud of this month’s work ~

no better way to star my week than with a list ~
I redid my email opt-in

My spread game got me organized and ready to write my book

I have a serious tattoo social message (← sounds fancy right LOLz)
the recap of our last casual kawaii J-Fashion meet is up!
OMG! I can’t wait to tell you about this month’s … but after Katsucon’s recap, yea?!

Spreads not shown are for crafting our fundraising digs and getting ready for our first out of town jam – Quirkcon, while I’m on tattoo tour.

more tattoo talk, thoughts and gratitude around art on skin ^.^
and of course a lil’ boyfriend appreciation ^.^

HOORAY for handstyles! I haven’t practiced in a minute so why not now. After all … I am attached to a graffiti artist LOLz

oh! And about Katsucon ^.^

Another thing happening is adding more fashion points ~

I don’t talk a LOT about J-fashion and it may appear that I don’t know my styles or history. But boy do I! And sometimes I like to journal it …

I got my first snail mail y’all!
decompressing some thoughts I want to share – 5 things about me + WHY 6 Figures (cuz THAT journey is real)
kawaii journaling
my pen pal’s spread
made with incoming mail ephemera
and her letter to me is tucked ❤
whoo sahs + planning moments are important for me in February. It’s a short and FILLED with anxiety for me to get all the things done

But I’m doing it!

Thanks to these dreams and a journal.

and on this day I realized that I TATTOO AND DO DOPE KAWAII SH🎀T! Soooooo I changed my IG + Twitter profiles to say so ~

🌸 Cover to Cover 🌸

I hope you enjoyed these spreads, both my creative entrepreneurship and kawaii journaling growth, and of course TATTOO TALK ❤

I didn’t reach ALL of the goals but I met the ones that matter

Now for another month of awesome.

Won’t you #planwithme?

Got goals, feedback and/ or content suggestions?

Comment below! I’d LOVE to hear from you ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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