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March Goal Diggin’ + #PlanwithMe Workflow

Hi かわいい + creative family!

Sooo … it’s MARCH!

And I’m gonna start this month’s goal digging’ with …




me – the ambitious girl at 202 Creates!

And another thing ~

TATTOO TALK TUESDAY is shaping up nicely with convos every #TATTUESday (that’s Tuesday) at 10A

This month, I’m sharing more about tattoo therapy and you shouldn’t miss it!

So …

✨Be sure to join me on INSTAGRAM

🌸March Goal Diggin’🌸

March means SPRING!!!

And I’m jumping ship for Japan before the real work begins with DC Kawaii Style ^.^

So here’s the continuation of my 6-figures journey ~

… and a lil’ extra …

confetti lists of to-do’s ^.^

Not sure if you remember when I started returning back to basics last year.

But it has LEGIT been the best thing for clear vision of my road map, focus + taming ‘ooh shiny moments’, keeping busy work at bay and best of all …

 seeing the results CLEARLY!

🌸#planwithme March🌸

Also, I’m keeping a close eye on my overall workflow so that I can better catch myself when mishandling my calendar + causing double-bookings

That and organizing my real life against my dreams – both for tattoo rebranding + DC Kawaii Style organization builds

🌸KCC Tattoo Talk + Blog Flow🌸

I didn’t get a chance to write out this month’s intended blog flow,

but here’s the schedule so you can get excited and follow along ^.^

🗣3/5 (Tues)

IG LIVE Tattoo Talk: Tattoo Therapy, What Is It?!

📚3/11 (Mon)

Kawaii Journaling: February’s Hobonichi Flip Thru

🗣3/12 (Tues)

IG LIVE Tattoo Talk: I’m SUPPOSED to Be Here! A Story of Fate

📚3/13 (Wed)

Creativity Entrepreneurship: Becoming an International Creative

📚3/15 (Fri)

Event Report: DC Kawaii Style’s Casual Kawaii Meet: BYOB

📚3/18 (Mon)

Tattoo Talk: My Story, Part 1

🗣3/19 (Tues)

IG LIVE Tattoo Talk: DOPE Sh!T – Tattooing Japan + How to Become an International Creative

📚3/20 (Wed)

Tattoo Talk: TATTOO Q&A + Afro Kawaii Tattoo Tribe Vibes Playlist

📚3/22 (Fri)

Event Report: DC Kawaii Style at Katsucon

📚3/25 (Mon)

Tattoo Talk: Tattooing in Japan, Otsukaresama ~

🗣3/26 (Tues)

IG LIVE Tattoo Talk: DOPE Sh!T – Escapism for Mental Health + Experiencing Tattoo Culture in Japan @ King of Tattoo

📚3/27 (Wed)

Kawaii Life Round-Up: Cute Finds in Japan

📚3/29 (Fri)

Kawaii Journaling: My 2019 Journal With Me System

Alright! You know what time it is ^.^

… time to follow thru ~
Have a wonderful month!

OH yeah ~ I’ll see you on da Gram for some TATTOO TALK, right?!

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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