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DC KAWAII Style’s AFRO KAWAII Art Zine Launch

Hi かわいい + creative family! HAPPY VALENTINE DAY!!!!!!Today, DC Kawaii Style has a couple cute Valentine just for you!You ready?

Valentine #1

We’ll be at Katsucon rocking’ our panels and hope to see you there!

If you catch Gigi, the Worst Gal or Pastel Bitz of Sweet Bitz, they’ll be passing out some super cute Valentines. Find em + GRAB ONE!

Next ~

Valentine #2

Afro Kawaii: WHAT IS IT?! Dream Zine

Remember we took off with our coloring book.

Well … Here’s where the real work begins ~

afro kawaii dream zine dc kawaii style
covert art by I Heart Nella

We are extremely proud of our first product and happy that all monies raised will be our seed money for basic organization needs and more programming!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of the artists who have contributed to this part of our (overall) beta dream zine project ❤

Here are their Instagrams so you can say hi! and follow their work first ~


special shouts to JadedIsland, our kawaii blogger at large ❤
and Sweet Bitz, a heavily active brand within DC Kawaii Style – we’re looking forward to future collaborations together!

Bruhhhhhhh ~

I’m so excited for EVERYTHING this community has in store for people ^.^

These ideas are not only mind-blowing but keeping me busy, focused, and accountable in a healthy stressful kinda way 😉

And I’m EXTREMELY thankful ❤

PRE ORDER the Zine

And I’ll do my best to check in tomorrow with an update from our casual kawaii meet (before Katsucon madness LOLz)

Gambare, minna!


Love, Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch! hello

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