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January #dreamjournaling2019challenge Hobonichi Flip-thru

Hi kawaii + creative family! and happy Monday ~

I FINALLY got a moment to come thru with my #dreamjournaling2019challenge flip thru.

Truthfully, I’ve had the time but was striving for perfection to have my video up and ready but I’ll have to update this post later with it. Hopefully in one week. But we’ll see ^.^

The important thing is sharing my work thus far. Honestly, I can make a sparkly video later.

Before we start tho, here are a few updates.
(cuz yo’ girl out’chea!)

First of all … look who’s in Japan next month 💫

My entire Moshi Moshi Tattoo Tour is now so you can book for a tattoo session while I’m in your city.

Next … this is SO FITTING for a journal flip thru and I’m super excited to share ~

I’ve been chosen as part of Milk Berry Company’s quarterly PR team. And so excited!

Check out my full review of some of the cutest planner stickers EVAH

Use my code IMANI15 when you shop MILK BERRY Co. + 15% off ❤

Enjoy ~

And now for some kawaii journaling

🌸 #dreamjournaling2019 Flipthru 🌸

The goal was to finish 8 spreads using any prompt from the list …

So let’s see how I did ^.^


Just like last challenge, I’m holding fast to simply enjoying this hobby though I use it as a self-care + communication tool in so many ways ~

kawaii journaling
Prompts 1, 3, & 4 covered in 2 pages *boom*
kawaii journaling
My ‘6 figures strategy’ is prompt 5
and circled back around to prompt 2 – my journals
kawaii journaling
(I’m working on a post about my 2019 journal system, btw)
I had to make a ‘Me Today’ reminder page so I can check on myself if I (suddenly) feel anxious in the day ~
Kawaii Creative Corner shameless plug ^.^
back to the challenge ~
for prompt 7 – my declarations to the universe are actually declarations to myself (I hope that makes sense)
here’s something ‘kinda’ new that I learned (prompt – how my dream cycle is seasonally aligned
affirmations are littered in this month, I think – but this piece of the spread was inspired by prompt 11
our first coloring book Zine launched!
so I made inserts
and every January, I rep the big fam – the bluetiful ladies of Z Phi B

here’s something new that I REALLY learned ~
dreams ❤
I can’t wait. I can smell it ~
These are MY DREAMS. To share the ideals of tattoo therapy with the world ❤
here’s me
and my thoughts
prompt 11 again – self-affirmations!
when I be coaching … i puke wise words.
and had a wonderful and empowering photo shoot
without my customers, there would be no me.
prompt 11 again ^.^
and last but not least …
DC Kawaii Style’s savings goals + jar ^.^ (more deets to come)

Kawaii Journaling Challenge Wrap-Up

Remember the goal was to finish at least 8  spreads using the prompts.

(aye! gotta celebrate the little things😅)

Prompts I still want to do (one day soon) are polaroid washi tape, quarterly goals, and a prompt-themed art page ~

soro soro da yo! (little by little)

All in all, I’m really proud of myself for keeping up (subconsciously). That’s progress in keeping myself tunnel-vision focused when needed.

I hope you enjoyed these spreads, my kawaii journaling growth, and the stories I am sharing there ❤

kawaii journaling
Oh! Before I forget, I’m proud to say I reached ALL of my January goals.

February is outlined and in action as we speak. And I thoroughly look forward to sharing my creative entrepreneurship progress ~

Take care!

Got goals, feedback and/ or content suggestions?

Comment below ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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