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DC Kawaii Style at MoCom Con + WHAT IS KAWAII Coloring Book

around our table the Purple Narwhal was killing’ it!

Hi yah かわいい + creative family!

Swinging thru to brighten your Monday with some kawaii community fun from our weekend at MoCom Con ~



here’s me in my casual lolita ootd ❤

Before I even start geeking out over the day’s events, I want to first thank our community member, Beth for inviting us out ❤

Her concern of this being a small, local convention with no selling (which meant no active community fundraising) was so charming and sincere. But glad she also knows we love making the best of the time we have with each other. And this con was no different ~

About MoCo Public Libraries: Montgomery County Public Libraries believes in the right of all to learn and to grow. We value intellectual freedom, accountability, quality service, diversity, fairness, professional ethics, integrity of information and respect for our customers, our community, and ourselves. [From the Site]

Now that you know a lil’ bit bout how we got there, let’s have some photo spam fun, eh?!

Kawaii Times


The number one question is usually “Well this is cute. What is it?!”

Swiftly followed by … “Well, what do you do?!”

So I’m super happy we were able to launch our inaugural zine right on time! *phew*

grab yours today!

Not only was if featured at our table, but I made journal inserts in my Hobonichi in case I had an #introvertdown moment and needed time to myself while tabling.

thi spage was already colored by GiGi lolz
but … dat part about kawaii life being healing ❤

Spreading the Cult(ure) of CUTE!

we love when families enjoy our purikura frame ~
and when comm members take responsibility for our events my heart melts … I feel like a great thing is happening that people want to take care of ❤
you KNOW this had to happen huhuhu
Charm City family was in the area and stopped by ❤ we chopped it up lolita style for a good minute ^.^
Kippers stopped by to leave a cute mark in ur doodle book ^.^
and made Storm Trooper friends ❤

Making + Finding + Catching Up With Friends

around our table the Purple Narwhal was killing’ it!
lucky us, we got the dopest Purple Narwhal photo op!!!!!
stepped away to explore the con + found more comm members haha
fashion point: cheques
and made it back to the table to see our friends, Yokai Parade came by and left a gift OMG! ❤
so happy I put Kappa here and decided that our new collections bag should feature an ita’d pin collection of DC Kawaii Style members/ friends/ fam / supporters ^.^

That’s pretty much the day, with a kawaii coloring book sandwiched in between.

with love from your local magical girl!

Wanna know what’s next for DC Kawaii Style?!


Until next meet-up ~


Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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