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Little INKPLAY Shop So Far + Split Ventures, All Kawaii!

Hi かわいい + creative family!

It’s the first of 2019, my goals are all decompressed and so …

kawaii zine

I thought I’d pause for the cause and give a Little INKPLAY Shop So Far update ~

Before that though, check out the zine we’re putting together for our AFRO KAWAII conversation + celebration. If you’re a kawaii artist or creative, feel free to

SUBMIT your work


And now … here’s my dreamer’s progress update  ❤

🌸 LIPS So Far

In case you didn’t know, when I visualized Little INKPLAY Shop it was/ is a complete vision of a collective kawaii space – not just for tattoo, but for DC Kawaii Style community members. Out own clubhouse for hosting intimate art shows and community events that will help us embed kawaii culture into the fabric of the DC area.

kawaii creative corner

I am so thrilled with the studio’s growth – it’s truly dreams unfolding before my eyes ❤

If you’re not familiar with the premium services offered at my studio, please check them out HERE.

Since 100% of all monies that come through Little INKPLAY Shop are to support the growth of this communal dream, I’m here to tell you about the split ^.^


Such small space but it’s holding weight and we’re doing big thangs for ipukekawaii.TATTOO + DC KawaiiStyle ~


kawaii tattoo black female tattoo artist
home sweet home

Tattooing is how we pay the bills ’round these parts!

Also I enjoy indulging in tattoo therapy and connecting with other kawaii lovers OR sharing more about kawaii culture with customer-friends, new and old.

Something CRAZY tho, is that we just did our press kit (did you receive one yet?!)

And I had to include my uniques as the founder ^.^

And honestly, this process has excite to fully embracing (not in braggadocios way) the uniques that make me more of a resource + asset to the dreamers + kawaii lovers of DC Kawaii Style.


DC Kawaii Style

kawaii collective space is coming along ^.^

We’re cleaning up nicely in the studio and getting special spaces ready for both online + offline sales with

the community, DC Kawaii Style
+ clubhouse, Little INKPLAY Shop
+ collective Little INKPLAY Shop・Online

It’s kawaii art for community efforts!!! 💃🏽✨

(like our go-getter motto haha)

We’ve had fun strategizing + theming our quarters to meet our collective goals ~

kawaii community DC Kawaii Style
kawaii goals to reach our wildest dreams

especially continuing conversations we started last year at Blerdcon

Which is why we’re starting with our celebration next month.

Sooo ~

pretty much, the split at Little INKPLAY Shop kawaii culture hub is tattoo meets kawaii … just the way I’d hoped and intended.

I’m excited to see how these two important lifestyles merge within my own personal brand in he future.

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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