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What’s in My Journal 2018 Kawaii + Creative Year-in-Review

Hi かわいい + creative family!

I’m so excited for 2019 and plastering my goals EVERYWHERE!

But for now let’s see what this year-in review looks like!

Be warned it’s tons of photo spam as we recount (some) moments from 2018 ~

Oh! Also … no! Tattoos aren’t here because I am in the middle of a relaunch for ipukekawaii.TATTOO BUT round-ups will make a comeback in January, Gomen ne!

All that said …

🎀Kawaii Highlights🎀

I got a clear vision on my goals for Little INKPLAY Shop + DC Kawaii Style
spring had sprung LOL
blue bells
and language exchange
meeting new friends
creativity coaching, kawaii style!
Coolin’ it with fam in Osaka
Nao-san took off work to hang out for a day! wha wha ~
Our 1st time in Vegas!
and at the Licensing Expo
And presenting our first panels with DC Kawaii Style

🎀Creative Highlights🎀

Amazing tattoos this year!
and tried to do ‘surprise’ snail mail >.< (next year tho!)
started visualizing rebranding for ipukekawaii.TATTOO
and tattooed cute omiyage in Japan (miss you sis!)
Oi! I also started tracking habits and creating all types of creative habit trackers
more tattoos (and lessons in life cycles)
this should be a kawaii highlight, but mentoring at Yleana was both kawaii + creative … but ALL empowering!
yup! you guessed it … tattoos + thoughts
a likkle hand lettering practice of some realness
oh! I hosted my first Instagram challenge this year, too!
and … more tattoos! haha
and some art journaling to top it all off!

I can’t stress about how excited I am for the new year ~

Drop a comment of your one word goal for 2019!

And let’s make magic together ❤

Gambare friend!


Love, Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch! hello

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What’s in My Journal 2018 Kawaii + Creative Year-in-Review was originally published on Kawaii Creative Corner

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