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Kawaii Journaling Holiday Challenge Wrap-Up

Hi かわいい + creative family!

I’m so happy for the recent Kawai Journaling Holiday Challenge hosted my Rainbowholic ^.^

kawaii journaling challenge

Sad it’s over (I was just getting into the groove) but I’m HELLA excited to share my spreads ^.^

Before that though, 2 things ~

1. it’s Kwanzaa and today is Kujichagulia.

So let’s pretend I shouted  🗣 HABARI GANI!

your reply would be to shout …

(self determination)

2. here’s the pact I made with myself to participate with intention BUT remember to enjoy myself ~ (talk about self determination huh?!)

Daily Pages

I’d posted in the kawaii journaling group that I don’t normally do challenges but excited to commit to this one (cuz self-determination, hence the pact above LOL)

my start page

My self-determination can be damaging and I KNOW this.

Since I love good challenge, when I join challenges like these, I FULLY commit taking them on as a full time J.O.B.

Often negative talking myself when I don’t get the job done, so to speak (anyone else have these feels when committing to something?!)

So I decided to relieve pressure early, committing to daily pages that resonate with my current creative feels, while reflecting on the things I enjoy about this season, particularly, as I ease back into journaling ~

The name of this game as I entered the arena is


+ 5 things I love about this season ~

Of course the first (main) page is about things I love about this season LOLz

So I can help jumpstart my brain to fully enjoy participating in this space

here’s a close up

In case you can’t read the 5 things I enjoy about this season they are:

✨Winter International Lolita Day

you can read about this year’s ILD madness here

✨More Art’ing

I used to get flustered with tattoo slow season but in recent years, I find joy in my own version of slow living – enjoying art’ing,  journaling & learning content creation

These days, I’m learning to give myself space haha

✨Kigurumi season!

me + comfy kigu must nevah part ~


I host an annual kawaii kwanzaa challenge + blog my reflections daily cuz … KWANZAA! By the way … HABARI GANI!!!

✨New Hobonichi

I can forget that it gets dark early and enjoy closing my old Hobonichi and opening a new one to the new year – It’s like a fresh start and feels like my light at the end of the tunnel while setting up my systems and decorating all the pages ❤

If you’re enjoying this, I hope you’ve subbed the blog ^.^
There’ll be more about my 2019 systems SOON!

… but clearly I digress. LOL …

traditions in my country for the holiday and my top 3 kawaii characters (I did more than 3 LOL)
Mimi, the Planner Pup is definitely one of my new fav kawaii OC’S of 2018 ^.^
I couldn’t decide so I did a mix of revisiting kawaii characters and making new character friends (including Ippie-chan’s family) and a note of why I LOVE OC’S so much ❤
they’re the Kawaii Creative Corner tour guides ^.^
my washi tree

My first time creating one. It’s not perfect but …

Good enough is good enough (until you can do better!) is my Type-A chant of the decade

I’m STILL thinking of WTF I’d wanna say to santa LOL
and kawaii snowman + stocking friends ^.^

OMG I had soooooo much fun creating these pages. Can you tell?!

I explored crafting with (more) washi
+ origami paper

In the words of Deadpool … MAXIMUM EFFORT!

Abbreviated Pages

OMG! I got so into doing all of the washi + scrapbooking style layouts that I don’t have time to commit to the rest of the pages the way I see fit without compromising my (real) workload

But … I committed right?!

So here’s another moment in relieving pressure.

2018 Reflections showed me that a few steps in the right direction got me to me ALL of my goals

I have always wanted to do more creative pages that interact and tell stories (👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾 2019 goals)

And there’s no time like the present! ❤

my snow man help a letter to m current self

And decided to write quick + kind “Dear me” love notes to myself.

while the stocking held my greatest gift – a letter to my future self ~

Sadly, it’s something I teach other creatives to do when working on mindset and forget (often) to return to my own basics.

Thanks for the reminder Kaila!

Merry (belated) Christmas if that’s a thing LOL

Lofty Dreams +
Hopeful Wishes in 2019

As I close this challenge, I’m forever grateful for this challenge, the kawaii journaling community, and our fearless leader – Kaila.

Going into 2019 my dreams and wishes are so HUGE ~

and truthfully they scare me. But that’s a great thing!

Among my goals, I am most excited to hyper focus + grow with our local kawaii community, DC Kawaii Style.

cheers to our growth together in 2019

In an effort of self determination, what are some cool things you’ve committed to recently?

Leave a comment and let’s chop to up!

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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