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Reflections in Business + Meeting ALL of My 2018 Goals

Hi かわいい + creative family!


What’s the news?!

I’m so happy this Kwanzaa season and overjoyed with my own growth ❤

This post isn’t to be braggadocios, but sometimes you gotta be your own cheerleader to give yourself the boost you need to keep going ~

Especially when you can spot those IMPORTANT lessons.

You know … the one that’s gonna be THE move for the next year and year’s coming ^.^

That’s where I am as I reflect on 2018 ~


My Most Important Lesson

This year my inner self was screaming for space

But what does that even mean?!

kawaii empowerment

Since I was still fighting to stay focused and above water, mentally, I made a conscious decision to learn what I needed to feel less anxious & depressed ~

I knew that to I’d need to reconnect with my creative self to finish the year strong ❤

And my toughest lesson to date wasn’t how to treat my customers …

But more in how I treat myself!

Which can (admittedly) feel weird as an innate helper and a business person. You’re taught it’s about the customer. Be there for your customers. There would be no business without customers.

Which is true. BUT …

In business, there aren’t many times that a mentor / sherpa / parnter or whoever will remind you that you also have to be just as kind + caring to yourself ~

Kawaii Self Care

A major win – it became my super power in business ^.^

kawaii empowerment

and this practice of self-care has does wonders for how I negative talk myself.

Instead of negative talking myself to add pressure to get sh!t done …

I tried something different and journaled plenty “Me Today” moments to check-in on myself. I also hugged myself daily (literally) and dedicated Sundays to myself – a day to unplug, un-business, and unwind ^.^

More important, I committed to being transparent with customers if I was mentally unstable ~

(I may have overheard a bit this year but I’m ok with that 😅)

Since this practice is new for me, I can’t lie that I felt guilty like I was doing something wrong to step away from customers / marketing / being helpful to others.

In fact, I felt selfish.

But then I read somewhere that a bit of selfishness is ok. I explored it and got over that feeling QUICK! 💃🏽

The Verdict’s In

Changing how I operate within myself has definitely been my biggest win

(+ woe really)

Learning how I treat myself in this space of owning and operating my business

As well as how I operate my business

are both equally as important ~

Because without good business there’d be no customers (new or returning)

But certainly without me …

There’d be NO business.

No ipukekawaii.TATTOO + tattoo therapy, Afro Kawaii style ~

No Little INKPLAY Shop and all of it’s colorfulness with DC KawaiiStyle ~

and no IP Brand, overall.

2019 may be my journey of how to find balance between the two.

Who knows! 🤷🏾‍♀️

For now tho, I’ma leave you with this pic of my 2018 reflections ^.^


Oh! By the way ~

I DO have lofty wishes + hopefully dreams for 2019 but I’ll share those soon enough ~

In the meantime, comment below and share your most important lesson of 2018?!

Gambare, minna
Love, Imani (イマーニ)

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