My Last Kawaii Stationary Haul of 2018

Hi かわいい + creative family ~

Happy Christmas eve!

I’m taking a break from my year end duties and holiday things for a quick kawaii round up of my last kawaii haul of 2018

It’s from Rainbowholic shop!



Kawaii Journaling with Rainbowholic

I LOVE being able to shop my friends. They’re all amazing and worth every penny!

Business is always A+ and warm + inviting.

Between that and an itch to treat myself for job(s) well done …

And not being able to visit Japan this season, I decided it was time for a stationary haul! ^.^

kawaii stationary haul
The cat paw scissors made me do it, I SWEAR!

… but of course I can always find other things I ‘need’ LOL

part II of my jumbo order was super special

kawaii stationary haul
This is the overview of my lucky pack (I LIVE for these things haha)

Rilakkuma came to hang out!

kawaii stationary
and she was soooo thoughtful of my love for Astro Boy!!! ❤ (thanks bunches sis)

kawaii washi

I saved the tape so I could use it for a special page to Kaila ^.^

kawaii journaling
… and about reusing tape for a special page to start a new bujo ❤

Well that’s it for my quick kawaii round-up and back to work for the kid!

I got gifts to wrap haha

Happy Holidays!



Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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