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YUME Kawaii Content + Creativity Round-Up

Hi かわいい + creative family!

OMG! Look at me learning the ways of a kawaii creative ~

(that’s Imani speak for being a content creator haha)

I should probably stop trying to sign the feeling and add that to the main list of me being a

Kawaii tattoo artist + …

Anywhoo ~Here’s a bit of what I’ve been creating lately in my kawaii art for community efforts work to help grow DC Kawaii StyleAs you read if something moves you, say something!I’m really interested in growing and finding my voice (or making it clearer) and thoroughly appreciate knowing how I am doing ~Most important, I want to create art + creative content that is meaningful to YOU!

Kawaii Art for Community Efforts

Pushin’ Towards Goals

DC Kawaii Style is growing and become more active – incurring business legal fees + minimum operation costs + participation fees … things like that.

So along with what we’ll be communally creating + selling, any and all of my art sold will go towards the community’s goals & wishes.

We’re on our way! ^.^

Creative Spam

Along with relaunching art that is still available, we’re starting to put together communal products that feature artists + creatives other than myself within the community.

OOHHHH YEEAAAHHHH – less me. more community! ✨

Little INKPLAY Shop got its first order, since the reboot ~
I LOVE sharing freebies with our orders ❤
the store is fully updated for the winter!
we’re Kwanzaa ready with the 7-Day Challenge & new 2019 Kawaii Kwanzaa Goal Setting workbook … that comes with free downloadable stickers *shamless plug*

YO!!!!!! I didn’t even know so many comm members would be into Kwanzaa *the more you knowwwww*

And I can’t wait to celebrate and move into 2019 with everyone.

and for the first time … I think pups are cute (just these tho haha)
and last but not least … we’re hosting a COMMUNITY HOLIDAY GIVE-A-WAY to grow our gram!!!
now to decompress and curate this coloring book before we move on to other projects ❤

Life is starting to come together and I’m EXTREMLY thankful to DC Kawaii Style team members (admin + style leaders) and our new community assistant & creative director.

Bless everyone’s soul we are finishing 2018 STRONG AS FCUK!

And I’m forever grateful to be surrounded by such empowerment ❤

Well. That’s it for now…

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See you soon ❤
(*cough* Christmas eve *cough*)

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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