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DC Metro Lolita’s Winter International Lolita Day {Event Report}

Hi yah かわいい + creative family!

Swinging thru to brighten your hump day with some kawaii community fun International Lolita Day ~

I can’t believe the comm that started it all for me just turned 5 years old ❤

Here’s a bit about how our day looked but first …A friendly reminder to✨JOIN OUR 1K HOLIDAY GIVE-A-WAY✨I’m impressed with our prizes and kinda wish I could join myself LOLz

here’s part of our worldwide kawaii stationary lucky pack ^.^

And naow … the main event!

ILD with DC Metro Lolitas

Tea + Secret Santa Games

we went back to basics and celebrated with the 2013-style turn up! Secret Santa + a museum date and tons of coord shots ^.^
me creeping’ on cutie while greeting more cuties hahaha
secret santa fun ^.^
WTF they so cute tho! >.<
Teaism / meet + greet / secret Santa & ice breaker games all done! Naow to part two ^.^

PS My Secret Santa gave me the most thoughtful Deadpool pen (he’s got unicorn slippers y’all ❤ and self-care Happy Planner stickers.

I’m in love! but … I digress huhuhu

complete happiness in a box!
do you seeeeeeeee his slippers *eek*

At the Freer Sackler

So the event was themed lolitas on Ice … but the weather said fcuk our feelings LMAO ~

So we remixed the day for a longer stay at Teaism (Metro has been killer with the closures + delays) and a tour of Modern Japanese Art at the Smithsonian Freer Sackler Museum (one of the comm’s favorite places)

the museum – a lolita’s natural habitat
everything about this vision was magnificent ❤
there was strike a pose 1 …
and 2 happening while I went to locate our docent
oh and strike a pose 3 huhuhu
during our tour, we were poised …
elegant …
and engaged
so, our docent has invited us back in the future for a private tour of the collections ^.^
kawaii black girl
all that and I forgot to share my coord for the day – featuring my sleek series Adidas Stan Smith’s + Bodyline’s black Alice in Wonderland print

Precious Moments

As coordinator, I get to look around at the community and how we all have our individuality but come together as a family (a damn cute one too!), empowering and supporting each other ~

So before I sign off …

here are some precious moments of my local community, through my eyes

the Mad Hatter + Camille’s realness
and appreciation for each other (these looks are EVERYTHING you have no idea how spirited Metro Lolitas is)
the empowerment
handmade Lolita + the community’s artistry (Camille’s coord is completely handmade and ALL of her from top to bottom)
family love + support (I LOVE this mother/ daughter duo since day one and so happy they had a great time!)
warm smiles + care for each other ❤

Welp! That’s it …

Until we meet again in 2019 ~



kawaii imani k brown

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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