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DC Kawaii Style’s Harajuku Fashion Walk #3 {Event Report}

Hi yah かわいい + creative family!

Swinging thru to brighten your Monday with some kawaii community fun from our weekend meets ~

Our casual kawaii meets are going grand as can be! And the community is growing OMG! 🙀

Before that you probably wanna know about our 1K Holiday Give-A-Way so you can enter, right?! *hint hint*


And naow ~

Here’s a bit of photo bombing from our November casual kawaii meet  ~

It was our first fall Harajuku Walk and boy was it nippy!

But we had fun ❤

Enjoy ~

Harajuku Walk #3

Gigi asked me to hold her phone so time for some fun ^.~

don’t mind my tired eyes …
here’s the aftermath of a group photo in Gallery Place’s Shibuya-style crossing
Here’s Kai!!!!
Sometimes our fashion walks are family reunions
and squad shows up …
AND shows out ❤

Oh Hai, City Center

Moving on … We went to City Center for some window shopping fun + crepes!

why NOT make our own kawaii Baby Shark video *kanye shrug*
or make gal appearances?!
who says rap videos featuring DC gal’s is NOT a thing?!
and why are things hitting me in the head?!
and just WHY THE FCUK is DC Metro Lolitas niche comm so fcuking KILLER?! >.<
We may have gotten a bit carried away with the day … but YOLO! 😂🤣
Also this is what happens when you find marketing by one of your fav lowbrow OC artists (keep your judgement!!!!!!)
it was also National Pocky Day soooo you already know slim ~
it was a DAY but me + my kicks survived to meet another day ❤
I hope you’ll join us here or in our online community one day soon ❤


Until next meet-up ~


Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!





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