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Kawaii Creative: YUME Give Yourself Permission

Hey kawaii creative family!

Happy hump day! ❤

We all know why I’m excited haha

And thought it’d be cool to come thru with some things my brain is thinking … all on it’s own >.<

~ while I’m massively learning new skills for intentional creating + impactful branding ~

YUME Create

Give Yourself Permission

Want to know a secret?!

This journey of mine was inspired by kawaii ~

But I want to help all types of creatives build the cutest, strongest, most impactful *uwu* brands ever.

Why kawaii tho?

Well … there are a few reasons but the most important reasons is that the kawaii industry is DOPE + creative + inspiring af! It’s also a beautiful space for self-care + healing ~

Sadly, I have also learned more about people and their confidence/ self-esteem to create something in their own light.

And naturally starting looking at creatives of all types and considering what may be holding hem back

So I thought sharing more of my kawaii spirit + expertise, while doing my own brand building would be of value ❤

Take The First Step

I talked (maybe more like cried LITERALLY) a bit about this on my IG LIVE but a serious conversation with yo’self is the first step to getting what you want out of any creative brand journey.

We creatives of all walks, legit don’t give ourselves permission to create with intention + brand with impact!

Instead, we question ourselves, our worth + value, our ideas.

We’ll second guess our vision and negate throwing caution to the wind in nurturing our brands in our true authentic ways. UGH ~

And before you know it, we’ve talked ourselves OUT of the thing before doing the thing >.<

I’d like to see more creatives change that …

 For creatives of all types who want to take their first steps, I’m soon hosting a kawaii creative hangout where we’ll talk more about dream chasing and design tattoos together ^.^

I hope you’ll join me!

Well. That’s it for now…
See you soon!

See you soon ❤

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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