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YUME Kawaii Journal + #PlanwithMe Pages

Hi かわいい + creative family!

Gomen ne! It’s been a while …

And I7m excited to catch up with you, but first. Let me share something I’ve been working on!

My own branded journal

giving yourself permission … to reach your dreams through creativity is such crucial part of creative entrepreneurship success ❤
oh! and motivation (I LOVE NIPSEY HUSSLE, in case you didn’t know 🤣)

and to kick off my kawaii journaling spree + creativity coaching,

I’m hosting a 21-day brand challenge ~

In fact, I’ll be challenging myself this week to GO LIVE on my Instagram everyday, @10AM (for about 10 min, nothing heavy) talking about what I live about creative branding and WHY I think it is so important.

I hope you’ll join me!

🌸 21-Day BRAND Challenge 🌸

🌸 Instagram 🌸

and now, our favorite time together!!!

Let’s go kawaii journaling + plan with me~

*fair warning*

Since the release of my journal, my goal diggin’ pages look have a drastically different look.

Enjoy ~

🌸#yumecreate + #planwithme🌸

now til forever … I’ll be planning + journaling til my heart’s content and I’m so happy!

Since I’ve received my sample journal, I’ve been able to outline November + plan 2 weeks successfully!

Sorry I forgot to take a flick of my monthly spread (I’ll try to do a before the pen spread for December)

BUT here’s what my weeks have looked like, recently

👆🏾week one in the books + ready for action for week 2👇🏾

kawaii planning with MilkBerryCo friends ❤

I’m super excited to keep going!

My goal with my 90 day (undated) planner is to get through closing out 2018 + preparing to welcome 2019 ~

Speaking of which …

🌸#planwithme 2019 + Beyond🌸

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I’m SO excited for 2019 + kawaii journaling + creative entrepreneurship ^.^

So much so that I have forgotten about the rest of 2018 LOL

and started creating a journal strategy for doing more pages – with weekly planning and daily creative journaling

my 2019 hobonchi came ^.^
I’m really looking forward to some OC play – with mine + kawaii journaling friends’ OC’s ^.^ Hi Milkberry Co.
I may have ditched #inktober in pursuit of this journal launch, but I was able to use my time wisely + been planning on my own OC ❤

Well. That’s it for now…
Time to follow thru ~

Don’t forget to


And see you soon ❤

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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