My New “Build a BOOMIN’ Brand” (B3) Mini Course

Hi かわいい + Creative family,

Ready for kawaii creative class?! Cuz it’s in session *woot!*

This month is pretty active for this cute lifestyle entrepreneur

kawaii journaling

And I came through share deets about my new mini course.

Yes 👏🏾It’s 👏🏾 FREE! 👏🏾

kawaii art, creativity coaching, Imani K Brown

I’m SUPER excited about my first mini course.


‘Cuz Kawaii Brands

Seriously, I LOVE talking visual communication and branding …

Finding the loopholes, figuring out what people are communicating and all that jazz ~

For me, I LOVE kawaii style branding ‘cuz it makes me haa~ppp~aaaayyyyyyyy ❤


Here’s what’s on the menu ~

🌸 Becoming a Master Storyteller

like Evee (the Pokemon!)

🌸 Maintaining Your Authenticity

🌸 Finding Your Brand’s Super Power

I’m STOKED to have made it this far, building my creativity coaching platform and truly hope that you’ll join me ~


I’m truly dedicated to helping you find your creative success, so here’s more free stuff, from my partner + I (Passive Creatives), to you!

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Come Mastermind With Us,

The Passive Creatives!

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