DC to Japan

#DCtoJapan IG

good morning! you know that “it’s about the journey, not the destination” bit … well it’s true!⠀
15 years ago when I started on my tattoo artistry journey, I NEVER thought that setting myself on that path would be a journey of self discovery + personal branding. All while being helpful AF! 🌸✨⠀
I never saw myself going where my art goes. I only wanted my art to go where I could not …⠀

{BTW – I still have a 17+ yr old text from my tattoo master, @gingerbreadchris reminding me that I’m only at the base of my moutain and never fear knowledge + experience that is rightfully mine.}⠀
Fast forward to these days, I’m a lifestyle entrepreneur of 25+ yrs & 2 yr. propietor – a FCUKING BRICK + MORTAR STUDIO OWNER 💃🏽✨ – focusing on the healing art of ink therapy, afro-kawaii style (there’ll be more about that in later days!), building a brand from here to Japan, and helping spread the love of kawaii while making myself stronger, resource wise, to be able to reach back into my community even more ready to creatively help as needed! ⠀
One day, my business + money will work for me at 7 figures EVERY month and DC KawaiiStyle will be creating jobs in kawaii spaces for our community dreamers. Kawaii in da Hood’ll have a bustling free studio for the youth in Ivy City + we’ll be turn’t up creatively every summer with some art/ crafts/ DIY swag ✨⠀
For now … every day that I wake up, it’s another day to work at my dreams making them reality. And for now, every day I’m enjoying the journey ^.^⠀
And for Now NAOW, I’m off to record for my first digital product 😱⠀
Keep dreaming! happy hump day! 💗💕✨ ⠀
🌸 ipukekawaii.com 🌸⠀
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