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September Goal Diggin’ + ほぼ日 #PlanwithMe Journal Pages

Hi かわいい + creative family!

OMG! It’s September and my fav time again!!!

Let’s go kawaii journaling + plan with me~

There’s been a lot popping’ on the blog the month in case yo need to play catch up haha

kawaii blog
August editorial recap

And while you’re catching up, don’t forget to comment on a post from your favorite category

kawaii amako-chan

Naow, let’s recap August and then …

dig into September

with some monthly goals + kawaii journaling productivity pages, a new habit tracker, and the Kawaii Creative Corner’s editorial sneak peak ^.^

Enjoy ~

🌸August Goal Diggin’

Remember July (thru forever haha) is all about growing my blog (hence the question earlier ^.^) with cute + valuable content and a consistent presence

And August was all about happy moments + giving myself space, in preparation for a new season ~

August promises to be pretty productive with three goals + some cool happy moments to look forward to ^.^

Everything that was supposed to happen this month didn’t happen and I decided that


My beau and I are still standing and business is growing good. So we still winnin’ ~

Plus, Ichini + CRANK Day (our 4th anniversary) was awesome + mentoring with Yleana was LOVE!

Talking kawaii tattoos fell through the cracks and some things like Afro Punk just weren’t meant to happen *kanye shrug*

All in all, my month was pretty creative with tattoos and kawaii journaling though, so why would I be mad ^.^

Especially since it’s a new month + I got new goals!

🌸#planwithme September🌸

Got Goals?!

kawaii journaling, goals diggin', Imani K. Brown
ONE Goal – this month … I’m GONNA finish what I started ~

Got Habits?!

kawaii journaling, Imani K Brown
cool cats keep habits ❤

✨ New Tracker Alert ✨

I HAVE to get better at financials ~

kawaii journaling, expense tracker
kawaii bill tracker page

So I’m closing out the year taking notice of my money habits ^.^

And planning for a fiscally responsible 2019 that helps me plan for + grow the money I make in Japan with less overwhelm

Last but not least, here’s what’s on tap on the blog

Kawaii Creative Corner Editorial Calendar

kawaii journaling, editorial calendar

Well. That’s it … time to follow thru ~
Have a wonderful month!

OH yeah ~ I’ll see you tomorrow for August’s kawaii round-up (hint: Afro Kawaii). I didn’t forget, just wanted to share my love for Chibi Maruko-chan first ❤

OK! I’m gone til’ tomorrow naow haha

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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