5 Benefits of Mobile Creative Entrepreneurship While Living Kawaii

Hi かわいい + Creative family,

Happy August from the Passive Creatives!

This month flew by 🌬

I hope you enjoyed last month’s creative entrepreneurship conversation about networking ^.^


This month Tim and I are exploring mobile creative entrepreneurship and his favorite hashtag #laptoplifestyle

I can tell you form personal experience (& growth) that this has added SO MUCH TIME to my solo-, kawaii-,creative-, artpreneurship And happy this came up as a topic. ❤

Have you ever consider the benefits of mobile entrepreneurship + an automated work life?!

After this chat … you may want to!

Enjoy ~

and keep reading for more on how to mastermind with us!


🌸 The 5 Benefits of

Mobile Creative Entrepreneurship 🌸

Having this chat with Tim was a TRUE pleasure for so many reasons.

Not only is this guy one of my very best friends (20 years and counting haha) AND he’s been advocating for me to find the value in automating my business.

As I shared in the video though, I’m analog …

C’mon! I tattoo, illustrate (traditionally) and journal. I’m as old school as they come son! But I make it look cool haha

*but I digress*

My automation is within reason LOL

But here are the benefits that I’ve been able to indulge in with creative entrepreneurship while living kawaii ~

💖Time + Space

This one is #1 for me!

You heard it. I have been talking A LOT about giving myself space, mostly from my (main) business of tattooing. My hands need a break, my mind needs a break, I need to replenish my energy levels and just indulge in some ‘me time’ I think I deserve it ^.^

Other than that here are 4 more valuable benefits.

💖Get Connected

Meet people ANYWHERE and send them to a digital space, like an email list, where they can here from you directly in the (near) future ~

Oh! if you’re like me, you’ll love the next benefit.

💖Stay Connected

That email list thing …

Here you can create a space with dedicated looks at your AWESOME! And in return you can get to know your readers’ awesome as well.

It’s a great (and less draining) way of building lasting connections ^.^

Keep Going!

💖Getting Feedback

Need to find your UBP by asking targeted questions to readers, social audiences … or blindly?

Welp! There’s that!

And last but not least there’s …

💖Social Proof

Share your adventures in real time, engaging with your wherever you are ~

With all the ways we use social media, have you ever considered how valuable social networking REALLY is?! WOW!

my mobile ‘self-care’ studio

🌸Forms of Automation + Mobility🌸


These are great to give a heads up of travel advisories, being out of the office or even away from your mail + messages. Here you can easily share dates/ times of when the initial contractor can expect a response ^.^


These are great to give a bird’s eye view of where yah been, what you’ve been up to, and what’s next.

OK! So funny story … I was building my list before I knew WTF I was supposed to do with it. Tim laughed and semi yelled (picture a dad who’s really frustrated & a little angry … but tries not to take it out on you LOLz)

Anywhoo, I LOVE these things and it’s my favorite monthly business thingy to do (I have an entire month close/ open process that includes blogging- mostly because it’s as introspective as my monthly creative round-ups.

💖Live, All-In-One Content Calendar

These calendars that fit within your marketing strategy can post on cue FOR you …

while you’re in the world living life! 😱

Examples of these that I LEGIT stand behind are Coschedule + IFTTT

Lemme tell you! I am having fun blogging, scheduling (beyond 1 day) and peacing da fuq out!

💖Social Networking

It’s a great way to check in AND share social proof of doing/ being where you say you are. It also helps your audience engage with you, on your journey … to success, I’m sure!

Naow ~

All that shared, lemme ask, where can you implement mobile entrepreneurship + what would it look like for you? #laptoplifetsyle? A journal + some drawing pens? Email automation?

🌸Decisions, Decisions🌸

I (we) hope you found all of this information helpful and would love to share more!

So, we’ve decided that passive convos will happen to close EVERY month – giving you a chance to go into the next month with some easy to implement ideas for better creative entrepreneurship ^.^

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