Thank You for Inspiring Me, Chibi Markuo-chan + Momoko Sakura

Hi かわいい + creative family!

Remember that moment of silence? –

Chibi Maruko-chan’s creator – Sakura Momoko passed on August 15th after a battle with breast cancer. She was only 53 years old.

*thank you*

we love you Sakura Momoko-sama

Well, I am still indulging ~

Sakura Momoko-sama has strongly influenced my work (+ friendships)

And thought it’d be nice to photo spam you with my favorite character + some books from my studio’s collection.

Maru-chan’s friendship looks a lot like my own (👋🏾Kaila! I miss chu sis ^.^)



I find it important to share in an artist’s life by celebrating the inspiration they’ve left behind.

In this practice, an artist can truly live forever ^.^

Momoko-sama, through Chibi Maruko-chan manga, has given LOTS of it ❤

So, I hope that you are inspired to see original characters from an otaku manga lover + creator’s perspective.

Enjoy ~

Me + Chibi Maruko-chan

Momoko Sakura is the writer + illustrator of one of Japan’s most beloved manga, Chibi Maruko-chan, which debuted in 1986 and went on to spawn one of Japan’s most beloved anime. Read More

For me, Chichi Maruko-chan was muore than an original character, a manga or an anime ~

She was the cutest (& fiestiest) keeper of tradition for kids in Japan.

always my bag buddy – cuz Maru-chan carries a randoseru too!

For those of us interested in Japanese culture, Maru-chan was an easy to follow bridge.

And she made it all make sense ^.^

we have a lot of similarities haha
kawaii hub little inkplay shop
and Maru-chan is a key reminder (HA!) of my own creative dreams + aspirations

I love reading manga and other stories from Momoko-sama so day trips to Chibi Maruko-chan Land are always executed with at least one (among other things) … more manga!

happy to indulge in books for my studio’s Japanese collection, one day I WILL make time to read them haha

Here is some of what’s in my studio’s library ~

The Manga

yatta! the WHOLE collection ^.^ – took me FOREVER to find them all but thanks to that 25th anniversary stock-up *woot*

And in case you’re wondering about how I keep up with studying Japanese …

it’s ALL thanks to Chibi Maruko-chan manga

The Encyclopedia

about Maru-chan, herself ❤
the cutest town report EVEAH!
a BTS look at the research that went into Chibi Maruko-chan

25th Anniversary Book

was so happy to get this on mail day!
the Maru-chan timeline
a map of Shizuoka – hometown of Chibi Maruko-chan
Chibi Marukochan Land > Sanrio Puro Land
ahhhhh manga layouts *gold*
gemini is THE BEST! say wwwhhhhaaaaaa ~
manga covers as …
message cards with cute backs!
and 4 panel strips too!
I like the backs of these more tho ~
this bag! I use it on my #dctoJapan travels ^.^


nabbed the gekijygou collection to go with the game (I NEED to finish playing lol)

I pulled 2 of my fav covers ~

cuz Yokai
best frands!!!!!! ^.^

Miscellaneous Covers

kawaii Maru-chan
one of my fav OC art books ~
Not a book, but a wish – I still want to ride this train IRL, but schedules yo >.<

Sakura Momoko-sama,

THANK YOU so much for being an inspiration.


kawaii art bullet journal brush pen art

Until next update! (tomorrow ~)

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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Thank You for Inspiring Me, Chibi Markuo-chan + Momoko Sakura was originally published on Kawaii Creative Corner

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