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August Tattoo #INKPLAY + Bullet Journal Art + Hobonichi Kawaii Journaling

Hi かわいい + creative family!

I am SO excited to bring some kawaii journaling pages + tattoo/ art work your way from this month ❤

Before that though I need more silence –

It was announced today that my fav manga illustrator, Chibi Maruko-chan’s creator – Sakura Momoko passed on August 15th after a battle with breast cancer. She was only 53 years old.

*thank you*


Want to know how deep my love for Maru-chan goes?!


It’s been a pretty creative and reflective month …

And best of all is that I think I’ve kept you up to date as best as I could ~

Sorry … one of my goals was simply to keep up wit my blog schedule this month + by golly I DID IT!

SO EXCITED! *woot*

That shared, here is some of my tattoo work along with this month’s (completed) Hobonichi/ art pages + brand/ creativity coaching content spam ~

I hope you’re ready!


This month’s tattoo work was fun and REALLY reflective ~

I’m sure you remember me starting to (mentally) prepare for fall while creating this piece.

It’s also led to a most colorful and creative September to look forward to ^.^

But here’s a look at most of this month’s work, in order …

I think 🤦🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

started my month with wrapping up a 3-day tattoo marathon ^.^
we finally wrapped up this Sailor Moon sleeve BUT one more OCD session, on me ^.^
got to add chakra colors to her first tattoo … her FRIST tattoo ❤
it was also a pleasure to share in symbolism from one self harmer to another ❤
wip’in’ it on Mike’s tummy ^.^ I REALLY enjoy tummy pieces ❤
got da munchies for cute foods?!
temporary tattoos count too! … right?!
she threatened to move to Mexico and never get this piece finished but I don’t believe her haha
note: this placement choice is NOT for the faint at heart ~
got to know a new customer through her journey of self-discovery ❤
and traded nostalgic DC stories with my KDY sister ^.^
And after 12 years together, we FINALLY got to start Elena’s sleeve to make her ideas more cohesive (PS the snake is her first tattoo, NOT by me ^.^)
kawaii art imani k brown kawaii tattoo artist
last but not least … I’m working on some kawaii tattoo flash (FINALLY right >.<)


for realz, yo!

Kawaii Journaling + Art Pages

All of that shared, I put together a concentrated look at my journal pages from this month ~

but first, here are some pages I’m proud of and didn’t get to share last month …

I was REALLY excited to tackle this Blerdcon spread

Watch the process video

a horizontal spread of Blerdcon 2018
an additional page layout (Blerdcon was 3 days) designed as if the pages were accordion style
Also this Life Cycles page from my last update of Little INKPLAY Shop

OK! We’re all caught up now …

Here are some of my August pages –

Tell me what you think!

reflections from a tattoo + recent customer conversations (also planning another page)
a close-up ~

I am dedicated to daily kawaii journaling and one day hope to fill up EVERY journal page with ease.

reflecting + planning
do you have a self-care season and do you ‘prepare’ for it?
I PLANNED this page on my iPad … WHAT IS MY LIFE + WHO THE FRAK DOES THAT?! huhuhu

BUT dan dan da yo ~
(but gradually, I’ll get used to it)

I’m not there yet but I practice as much as I can (analog + digital style obviously LOLz)

and REALLY impressed with how my page layouts + content are taking form

I should make bolder borders for my DIY arrows … can you see them?!
if they watkchchin’ you, give em something’ to look at! ~kawaii proverb

To keep me focused + motivated + give myself a pat on the back, I often find time to play in my manga illustration journal. It’s a limited edition Baron Fig Metamorphosis journal and probably my fav surprise journal buy this year ~

kawaii art imani k brown illustrator creativity coach

Brand + Creativity  Coaching

guess who’s building her first digital product …

WHOAH! ^.^

That’s it for this month!

I love meeting new people so please don’t hesitate to leave a related comment below, say hi by signing our guest book, or if it’s specific to kawaii tattoo + creativity entrepreneurship, then

Ask Me Anything!

(don’t forget you can also check in with me on Instagram too!)

In the mean time …

I’ll leave you with my fav manga OC inspiration who’s got me inspired to brand my own dreams ~

Until next update! (tomorrow ~)

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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