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Blerdcon 2018 + Moments with DC KawaiiStyle (Event Report)

Hi かわいい+ creative family!

Just swinging thru with a BlerdCon 2018 event report 🙂

DC KawaiiStyle is on a mission and it’s such a pleasure to be able to be put to work – skills, resources, & labor – for such a grand cause.

I started this journey knowing that I wanted to grow a community with friends leading by example. but never did I ever think this journey would have me redefining what new friendships look like for me ~

I say all that to say that making our presence at BlerdCon happen was beyond an honor + pleasure.

And I want to tell you all about it ^.^


🌸Blerdcon 2018

BlerdCon kawaii journaling Imani K Brown
Let’s Go BlerdCon

This con is 2 years old, but sadly, there is STILL there is a lot of not colourful things I can say about this convention.

However, as a visual communicator (& brand specialist, no less) my best cumulative short and sweet review that I have is STILL that it was a serious

… bait and switch … 😳

This year I’ll kindly add that due to what’s advertised and what’s actually offered, the name should be changed.

An unpopular opinion, I’m sure. But that’s for another convo *lemme know if you wanna talk about it*

Instead of all dat tho … lemme tell y’all how the frak DC KawaiiStyle showed up + showed out … again! ~

(let us NOT forget Sakura Matsuri 😳😸✨)

And I am forever GRATEFUL 🙇🏾‍♀️

Day 1: Intro to Kawaii

Kawaii 101: Intro to Kawaii – Fashion, Culture+ Lifestyle

In our first panel, we talked Kawaii in general, entering the culture. Easing our way in, we talked TON about J-Fashion and empowerment.

DC Kawaii Style Kawaii Community
Kawaii 101 panel attendees

Little INKPLAY Shop

for DC KawaiiStyle

Thanks to our Art Way Alliance family we were able to have a table display + sell at Blerdcon as well.

So since we’re all team non-profit right now and on a mission, we seized the opportunity to do some fundraising 💃🏽✨

Our weekend swag

Day 2: Afro Kawaii

Afro Kawaii: Doing It for the Culture

Saturday’s panel was about Afro kawaii style where we explored black culture + kawaii aesthetic + loving the skin you’re in ^.^

I can’t outline everything here butthis panel was truly inspiring and can’t wait for our next opportunity to share in Afro-kawaii again!

Don’t worry though. That won’t be too long from now ✨

A few happy Afro-kawaii attendees

community Afro-kawaii style leaders – Amy, JiJi, & Kai

Do you know these styles?

JiJi + I rocked the table most of the day ^.^

Day 3: Yami Kawaii + Mental Health

The Sick Culture of Cute + Dressing for Your Mood

This panel was WHOAH!

And it felt extremely good to welcome people into a community filled with like minds + hearts 💗

Kyra held it down for the ladt few hous before the floor closed untilnext con

🌸 Around Blerdcon

Please have some photo spam of beautiful sites, people, & brands around BlerdCon

It was truly a blast!

the cutest + the sweetest Afro-kawaii aesthetics
Aye! It’s We Love Tee Tee 💗✨
♪baby lemme tell yah bout mah best friend♪
found mah folks!
such a cute + well done ita bag
ruffles + kicks gang
IRL Happy Monstah merch
I truly enjoyed this cosplay #thorough
and when big sisters slide into your panel … and their very presence is confirmation that you’re on the right path 🙇🏾‍♀️
JiJi introduced me to my fav new lip gloss 😋
and cuties were on deck twinnin’
Maido Cafe action!!!
yup! you read it right ^.^
oh! I forgot to fell you I went gyaru (gal) for the first time ever, Sunday (thanks JiJi!!!)

I owe the BIGGEST thankyou and more to the DC KawaiiStyle team of admins + style leaders.

I’m forver grateful for EVERYTHING you all do 🙇🏾‍♀️🙇🏾‍♀️🙇🏾‍♀️

That’s it for my recent life of work hard + play hard ~

I hope you enjoyed.

As always, thanks for reading!  ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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