How to Make Intentional Connections with the 3 P’s

Happy August かわいい + creative fam! ^.^

Kawaii + creativebusiness class is in session! haha

Ever wondered what it takes to make the right connection?!


Well, here’s a chat + a framework just for you! ❤

🌸 Making Connections with the 3 P’s

Here’s a winning fame work for success + a few tips from Tim and me so you can live your best creative entrepreneur life!


This conversation was inspired by two important events ~

an inbox event that went south REAL FAST >.< and a question in my membership group about how to make connections, successfully. So we thought it’d be a great time to talk networking and share my 3P’s framework ~


Always be prepared when making your initial point of contact!

Remember first impressions are truly lasting ones. And things certainly don’t happen just because you want them to. Things happen because you prepare for them. So put yourself into a space where your initial presentation gives you clout + positioning and best of all … a perceived value that meets the receivers confidence.


When you reach out, have a clear idea of your why!

Go in with an intent, but tap into the law of reciprocation. Understand that you should have a mindset of providing value and giving before you receive. You’ll be able to achieve a deeper connection filled with trust + empathy.


Sometimes the time isn’t RIPE – for you, the receiver, or both.

Reach out + give some breathing room, wait on it, and keep peddling in the meantime. Remember, not every connection is meant to happen in your time and in part depends on the space YOU are in (both mentally + physically). However having a timeframe for an acceptable amount of time something to grow into a connection is a-ok and wholly within reason!

So be easy … K?!<3

kawaii entrepreneur Imani K Brown
From the coolest creativepreneurs you know ~

Here’s to leap + bound + passive creativepreneurship ^.^

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