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July Journal Flip-thru + Art/ Creativity Round-Up

Hi kawaii + creative family!

Hooray for a successful month of journaling since returning from my hiatus! ^.^

kawaii journaling at Blerdcon DC

I seriously tried to complete some missing pages during a pop culture convention (there will be more about Blerdcon soon!, btw ^.^) …

while working my table no less >.<

Needless to say, it wasn’t a go ~

but I was able to take some shots to share this month’s creativity + content

I get to start August pages this week –

So here’s what July looked like. ^.^

Enjoy ~

🌸 July ほぼ日 Flip-through

tattoo line drawings from work earlier in the month
finished product – a creative style mash-up of illustrative + ornamental + watercolor ^.^
a special customer appreciation page has been on my heart so I have to get it out! I am so grateful for so much ❤
especially when tattoo customers let you go to town with a basic concept + a lot of afro-inspired creativity!
got to mix Doctor Who’s Galifreyan (language) with capoiera inspo for this foot piece ^.^
always happy when Tom is happy! ❤ Thank you ALWAYS for the fun ❤
I also have an Orange Moon page set-up that I’m working on – because her first tattoo is in part inspired by Erica Badu’s ‘Orange Moon’

and now …

back to this kawaii life o’ mine haha

I’ve been really not good lately and thought a yami kawaii page would be useful to my uphill climb ^.^
here’s some of my weekly planning, using my own strategy planner calendar page. want one?!
Why I Instagram journal page + a note on making connections ❤
I took time to intentionally plan my Instagram


there hasn’t been a Little INKPLAY Shop post so far, soon though! But I did get to show at the Emoji Art Show + do a cool tattoo. So I STILL WIN! haha
it was a really fun (+ dark) folklore piece
another page in progress with tattoo line art ^.^

more weekly strategy planning!
… and kawaii hamsters + tattoo line art
happy to end this month’s flip through on the note of Strength + Beauty + Love

As I dream big,

I got some things cookin’ in the Afro kawaii + tattoo illustration + branding realm so please be sure to sign up for my email list + stay tuned!

Got goals, feedback and/ or content suggestions?

Comment below ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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