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Yami Kawaii Feels at The Emoji Art Show (Event Report)

Hi かわいい+ creative family!

Yami kawaii art adventures happened FriYAY!

Compliments of one of my regular customers, I showed at the Emoji Art Show as an emerging artist …

though technically I an a seasoned one (but more about that later 😽)

kawaii tattoo studio

Getting back to painting, even if for a short time felt so good … I think I’ll have to reincorporate it into my monthly creative ritual – among Ippie-chan character development + journaling. ^.^

But let me tell you about this adventure, including some pro’s + con’s (as both a seasoned artist & brand specialist).

Oh! I’ll introduce you to my new friends as well ~


🎨 The Emoji Art Show

About The Emoji Art ShowMental Health Month has been observed during May in the USA since 1949, reaching millions of people through the media, local events, and screenings. Art has proven to be a contributing factor to a person’s mental well-being and can be used in an innovative way to process adversity while contributing to a person’s overall wellness. For these very reasons, Music Makes Me Happy is inspired to bring this information to the forefront for art communities across the world.

yami kawaii art
look who’s hanging out! ^.^

I have my reasons for participating in this show, including someone else providing the funds for me to show up 🙂

But mostly – to return to the art scene and start becoming visible (beyond my studio) in my city.

And having been extended an invitation by the show creator for something that involves emoji art AND conversations around mental health (< #1morevoice link), I’m ALL in! ^.^

All of that shared, here’s what I processed from my experience at the Emoji Art Show ~

Participation PROS + CONS

✨ all the feels ✨

Before I get into this let me first say congratulations to Josh and his team. They have a wonderful idea unfolding ~

Hosted at The Fridge with a simple, easy to navigate floor lay out so spaces were tall instead of wide to accomodate more artists.

This set-up and their outline was extremely efficient. However everything has pro’s, con’s & room for improvement. So here are mine ~

These pro’s and con’s are shared as my own opinions, both as a seasoned (& participating) artist and branding babe 🙋🏾‍♀️✨

💖 Pro’s

You know it’s a win when you experience pro’s for a show while preparing for the show (with little to no overwhelm, tho! 💃🏽✨)

But here are my absolute favorite expriences that help set this event apart ~

1. intentional introversion

artists get to become introverted and explore their own feelings, intentionally.

don’t get it twisted, most artists already practice this when creating naturally. BUT a lot of times, we don’t consider what we’re exploring and this show can help artists take the time needed … in a fun, light-hearted way

2. simple + direct guidelines

especially perfect for emerging artists to understand the absolute basics in preparing for a show, everything was outlined and well communicated. in fact for me, I only had to reach out once – about correcting my

3. well managed set-up responsibilities

pre-show requirements can get tricky, annoying and distracting with no consideration to the artists. day of can be even more of a disorganized WTF disaster. and this was NOT that >.<

upon arriving, I was greeted at the door with an easy check-in. the show’s founder, Josh walked me in and told me where everything was. boom. boom. boom. and I was good to go in about 15 min (for the record I’ve had 15 min installations that have taken well over 1 hour because the leads were disorganized)

4. networking with like-minded artists

it felt great to connect with artists over art + process + inspiration (coping witj and expressing mental & emotional discomfort). in fact I made a few cool friends who I hope to build deeper relationships with.

just keep reading … 😸

💖 Con’s

these cons are tweaks that can happen just to tighten up, or kaizen their business model. it is only my kind critique and it should be noted that most of these things could already be considered or even in the works 🤷🏾‍♀️✨

1. timeliness of sending show guidelines

while information was clear, concise & efficient, it was sent in very shy period of time seemingly taking artists and their time for granted (I don’t think this is the case, btw but an artist can possibly reach for it 🤷🏾‍♀️)

pertinent information was sent 2 weeks before and one of the major requirements was the call time. especially for a weekday and knowing that most “emerging” artists usually have day jobs, a month with a friendly 2 week follow-up would have been more appropriate. I heard worry stories from other artists as they scurried in to set-up and can recall how much shape shifting I had to do even as a propeietor so I wouldn’t be inconveniencing my customer (and guaranteed $$$) to irresponsibly chase an opportunity

2. lack visual branding

the show is supported by Josh’s organization Music Makes Me Happy. that’s dope BUT what I noticed is that shirts were given out as freebies, 1 or 2 team members were sporting the shirt, but the owner/ lead was not. branding wise – it’s an easy visual guerilla marketing technique that will help people follow the brand deeper, even more than giving out freebies. that’s mostly because as lead, Josh is the repetitive face that people will see more.

3. lack original theme reprensentation

it was en emoji show and one guideline that wasn’t there was work that included the main theme emoji + mental health. there were xool styles there, no doubt! and I believe most art already directed towards mental health (low brow art, especially ^.^) but there was a lack if emoji 😫 maybe it was just the DC leg if the tour. I dunno … but I’d have loved to see more   unique emoji expression with “other” art in the background. not the other way around ~

4. lack of overall mental health conversation

so this was to open the door for conversations about mental health. and while artists can enter those discussions naturally, I think. there was no educational material for those visiting to connect with types of mental + emotional health.

I was asked a few times why my work was cute but dark and all I could think was …

”ummmm cuz mental health art” 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️😅

anyway, discussions like those also say there is a slight disconnect in brand intention + brand presentation. I hope they’ll consider adding education for visitors to learn about mental illness – the typical & not so typical dignosis types. I have no doubt it’ll help people navigate & connect with the show’s social message beyond surface level.

but that’s my 2 cents ~

here’s more from the show!

Around the Show

Here’s more from around the show, including Instagram snaps of my new friends I’d highlighted that night on my stories.

They are magical people! SO be sure to check out their work + give a follow! 💗💕✨

one of the featured performers for the night
my wall neighbor was the absolute cutest!

Check out my new friend. I’ll leave links to their Instagrams so you can check them out!

@artsbyavanti with beautiful + inspiring + interactive art highlighting self-love ❤
@marscreeps is SUPER dope! not just his melty art but him as a human is grand ❤
the big homie @artby_kd … we been kicking it since Pinz-n-Needlez ^.^
*eek!* @kmv.artkandy was so sweet ^.^ she even chose her space so we could be togevuh (our first time meeting haha)
and a huge shout out to @nicksick _creativedesign ❤ I didn’t even know he was an Instagram friend. Glad we got to meet + chop it up IRL ❤
Disco Dan is always with us in spirit. miss you big bro ❤
OMG! Connecting and talking about art + girly fears with @carolinenospine was grand! I hope she shows in the city sooner than later ❤
and … we out’chea (DIY artist * arts educator, Decoy)

I hope you enjoyed.

As always, thanks for reading!  ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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