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Why I Instagram + Hosting My First #YumeCreate Challenge

Happy #TATTUESday かわいい + creative fam! ^.^

Another kawaii entrepreneurship update for ya, in the form of a challenge! *woot*

I wanted to swing thru with a kawaii Instagram update as I get ready for this 21-day habit-forming challenge with friends + followers.

I hope you’ve signed up for the FUN!

kawaii journaling Imani K Brown creativity coach

But here I’ll cover a bit about why I Instagram (including sharing my new super kawaii pink rebrand^.^) and more about my challenge motivation. I’ll also share some important FAQ’S and  some things to look forward to as we grow together ^.^

So here we go ~

Why I Instagram + My Need to Grow 🌱

Before we go on a journey, let me tell you why I Instagram ~



I’ve been on the platform since it’s public birth and honestly, I’m obsessed (in a healthy way though haha) with highs and lows from my follower & engagement count to what to post and when …

I have LOVED every bit of my time on Instagram. There are three solid reasons I love the platform ~

  • personal public diary
  • insta tattoo + illustration concept inspo
  • connecting with like minds – influencers + customers ^.^

However now that I seek to become a strong brand with a strong presence (I’m ok … but want to do better!), I’m learning that I really need to get serious about my last reason, with hopes of meeting these three goals ~

  • leveraging instantaneous customer lead generation
  • creating a better engagement experience among visitors
  • have a ready to shop account within the Instagram ecosystem

✿ Current Grams, hosted by Me ^.^ ✿

Right now, I am responsible for 5 main accounts. I’ll run them down for you and what I am either doing or plan to do there ^.^

💖DC KawaiiStyle

DC KawaiiStyle’s community account is on pause (but since I’ll be sharing duties with other members, we’ll reboot soon)

💖LIPS Brand Online

This is my kawaii wares account and features everything available at my online store. Again … on pause (mostly because I haven’t completed my store set-up 🤦🏾‍♀️)

💖Little INKPLAY Shop

Little INKPLAY Shop is my studio + art account. Dedicated to #kawaiiart, usually there’s a lot from Ippie-chan & other original characters, workshops, and studio life bts shots. ^.^


aye! I tattoo boo! ❤ While there is tattoo work in my main account I like to give a dedicated look at my work in case you’re only here for tattoo life! ❤ This account will soon be rebooted to include more from Convos with Customers


Last but not least … ipukekawaii is my personal umberella account where I share from all of my interests. It’s the voice of my personal brand, or branding with a personal touch you can choose ^.^)

I’ll concentrate on this account for the challenge. ^.^

But lemme tell you why I thought to reach beyond myself ~

Why Am I Hosting a Challenge?!

kawaii Instagram

I’m truly having fun re-imaging my kawaii digital creative space and want to invite friends along for the journey! There are three main things I’d like to get from this challenge that I feel could also benefit others ~

Engagement & getting to know others

Remember I have to do better here. I love that my pics get love and it makes me want to do bettrer. BUT what I don’t want is people to think I take their comments for granted. I also want do better in paying the IG love forward ^.^

Creating a new planning habit

In all things business, consistency is key! But I take my presence on IG for granted and get inconsistent allowing my feed to become boring >.< No more!

Share my IG method with others as I go along

And welp … I’m a creativity coach! And I thrive on Instagram. Why would I not want share how I thrive in hopes of inspiring others to thrive too! Some things I do could work for you too! (And I need to practice my teaching/ delivery skills haha)


This is a challenge + group learning experience for us all – based on my own Instagram success, current trends, and hands on strategies used with my mentees while building their own IG platforms.

And I promise it won’t be overwhelming ~

During the challenge, you will receive three weekly emails with

  • a reminder of your daily IG  tasks
  • (3) easy to implement planning action items that can help you (re)plan your Instagram and grow the following of your dreams
Anna’s Middnite Designs account went crazy overnight, literally! 🙀

FAQ Quickie

And in case you’re on the fence, here are some quick answers to some questions you may be wondering …

what’s this challenge’s intensity level

this is a no overwhelm challenge and can become as intense as you make it! you can do the daily challenges and/ or take part in some weekly planning to help you carry on, beyond the challenge ^.^

is there forced engagement

nope! I’m not a fan of forced engagement. I DO encourage that you go above and beyond the daily challenge requirements whenever the spirit hits or a participating IG account speaks to you. You’ll be able to find those with the hashtag #yumecreate

do I have to be on FB too

you don’t have to be on FB but I’ll be there offering hands on help. so if you want to make the most of our time together, you’ll need to show up there this go round ❤

what if I have multiple accounts

pick one account or rinse + repeat the methods daily for all accounts that you want to grow. be sure to include the hashtag so shares from those accounts end up in the challenge too!

what happens after the challenge

I’m already planning my next challenge that I hope you’ll join me for. BUT in terms of Instagram, you can rinse + repeat until you get the results you’re looking for ~

can I tell a friend?!

of course! the more the merrier.

Building is better with friends, so I hope you (and your crew!) have already signed up to join us! ❤

What are you waiting for?!
Take the Challenge

See you on da Gram! ^.^

Gambare, minna
Love, Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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