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July Goal Diggin’ + ほぼ日 Journal Productivity Set-Up + IGTV

Hi kawaii + creative family!

Happy July and blog relaunch! ^.^


I’ve had so much fun re-imagining and re-branding my blog ~

Check it out! ^.^

kawaii creative corner
Start HERE to take an unofficiail tour ^.^
kawaii creative corner original character kokeshi daruma lucky cat
Feel free to help yourself around the blog using my kawaii tour guides ~
kawaii tattoo artist
and let’s get to know each other (ask me anything! ^.^)

Before we get into what achievement I’ve recently unlocked on IGTV … let’s see how June’s goals went ^.^

Fair warning, I forgot to check the boxes in real life (huhuhu) so I’ll outline my wins + woes of the month

🌸June Goal Diggin’

I took time to return back to basics ~

Organizing + planning & journaling  ^.^ (my analog secret sauce tee hee hee)

kawaii journaling Hobonichi goal diggin'


You already know! Go check it out ^.^

❌Convos with Customers

This project has taken a pause, to regroup + redirect its delivery. BUT Episodes 1-6 are available HERE

⭕DC KawaiiStyle Comm Calendar

Not exactly as planned, but we did cover some ground, including a new social media strategy and upcoming events

❌LIPS Workshops + Store Update

Nope + not yet. My beau (Crank) may be joining the team teaching graffiti + aerosol art … which means new info. So I’ll wait. BUT you can still enjoy Little INKPLAY Shop as it is naow ❤

2 for 2 isn’t bad … but given past months of goal setting + productivity, I could do better ^.^

So ~ I’m spending some time in my journal for July (and coming months) with new productivity pages.

🌸July Goals + Productivity Set-Up

My main goal for the next 90 days, at least, is making my blog sing.

Also, I’m planning a few things for my arts + entrepreneurship club, including an Instagram + planning challenge.


And I’ll need to keep myself accountable and keep a good balance of work hard, play hard ~

So I made a bujo layout in my Hobonichi since that is the journal I look at daily ^.^

My blog tracker will help me see my real posting habits so that I can make a realistic schedule
Here’s a look at what to expect from me this month. Looking forward to anything special here?
Here, I’m tracking m mood + daily habits and ADORE pixel pages. Here’s to hoping mine comes out like the ones I fangirl over.

And in case you’re interested … here is more info on that Instagram Challenge.

Let’s have fun and break da inter webs


I am so excited for this new Instagram feature. And having been so organized and on my deen lately (hooray for returning back to basics), I got to hang out with Nuria. She wanted to say 👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾 to everyone, so we took time to test the new IGTV + do an unofficial tour of Little INKPLAY Shop ^.^

More fun videos, among other colorful content, to come so be sure to follow me there! ❤

Until next month ~

kawaii studio
later days from the Kawaii Creative Corner

Drop a comment + share some of your goal diggin’ adventures with me ❤

And as always …

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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