DC to Japan, Imani K Brown, Kawaii

The Kawaii Creative Entrepreneur, Imani K. Brown

Allow Me to Introduce Myself


I’m Imani K. Brown, tattoo artist/ illustrator + kawaii creative, based in DC + Japan

Or simply … the girl behind the brands!

I’ll be taking a most colorful, kawaii + creative entrepreneurship journey soon and hoping you’ll join me for the ride!

Here’s a bit about me ~


When I started this journey, I had no idea what to expect. I was scared as all get out and thought ALL THE WRONG THINGS that led to so much fear + creative overwhelm ~

But I decided that if I was going to hang out in tattoo land, I’d always do my best –

always trying to maintain creativity + transparency in my process.

Welp! This August, I’ll celebrate 15 years in my craft, served as a shop manager, have a bustling round-up of clients, specialties that people visit me for …


A HUGE question I get is about my main “job” and income …

and of course what ELSE I do ~
So I’ll introduce you to my creative biz baby … Little INKPLAY Shop (“LIPS“) ^.^
(Read about my creative biz building “So Far” updates HERE!)

Having my studio has given me the opportunity to build creatively … the way I see fit! And that includes helping other artists, dreamers & creatives in MANY ways – from creative coaching to community kawaii workshops. ❤

It’s also my where the IRL Kawaii Creative Corner is, where I journal + decompress ~


I am indeed a Kawaii Lifestyle Entrepreneur and have BIG DREAMS of more kawaii in DC!

So, I was fortunate enough to found our lovely kawaii community, DC Kawaii Style ^.^

The community is growing DAILY and I’m so proud that members are taking responsibility for the space, shaping it into a beautifully empowering community ❤

Also, I am excited to take all that I know about brands + business, including my resources, to combine the powers of kawaii + entrepreneurship, as we embark on a non-profit journey.

The goal? MORE KAWAII in DC!

🌸Snippets from DC to Japan🌸

I say all the time that I’m building my brand from here to Japan ^.^

So here’s some snippets of what life looks like for me there ~

Finding My Tribe

+ Nurturing a Kawaii Creative Community

Wow! You’re still rocking with me. I adore you! What I really want to know though is ~

Can We Be Friends?

Why do I ask? Well, because creative entrepreneurship journeys are no fun without friends ^.^

Of course, I’ll share creativepreneur tips, tricks & life hacks with you.

PLUS there’ll be lots more about Kawaii + lifestyle, creativity, confidence, dreams, and entrepreneurship including talk about

🌸Little INKPLAY Shop dreams ^.^

🌸Hobonichi kawaii journaling

🌸my original character, Ippie-chan + other art

🌸kawaii + creativity entrepreneur lifestyle

Sharing my journey +  adventures at The Kawaii Creative Corner, I hope to inspire you to take action on your wildest dreams, too!

SO! If the answer is yes and we’re taking this creativepreneur journey together… Do me favor ~

SIGN UP for my email list! This way we can stay in touch, directly!

And I can send you free things! Free things ^.^


Currently you can grab my Creative Strategy Planner + some journal stickers …

and other goodies but you’ll have to sub me to find out what they are puahahaha

COMMENT what you’re looking forward to reading, learning or exploring here ~

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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