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DC Kawaii Style’s Sakura Matsuri 2018 … Bigger + Better! {Event Report}

Hi yah かわいい + creative family!

FINALLY getting around to sharing DC Kawaii Style’s AHHHH~mazing time at DC’s Sakura Matsuri ~

A HUGE shout out and heartfelt thank you to comm members, Kyra, Claudia, & Al for all the hard work and good vibes ❤

Our booth was 🔥🔥🔥

It was a really fun (& hot) day with lots of work, but it was so well wort it ^.^

MY, MY We’ve GROWN 🌱

Seriously … check out 2017 vs. 2018’s community growth ❤

Makes me super excited about all the ideas and heavy lifting to be done, to get the comm to where it’s amazing, ALWAYS.

vs. 2017


These are pics from around the booth, mostly …

But you get the idea … MORE KAWAII IN DC! ^.^

it’s a family affair
kawaii booth babe in action
Kyra was on it!
cuties on duty ^.^
and another …
why the frak is she so cute tho! >.<
her hijab style is often flawless
loved her romper ^.^
it’s a family affair
… and these comm cuties …
of course there was space for some Kawaii In da Hood business -.-
coloring pasttimes ~
told yah the booth was lit ~

Kawaii Family Reunions

I always say that Sakura Matsuri and a few other event are family reunions for folks in the community. And of course, this year was no different ~

So please take a moment …

and enjoy some photos of some of my cutest friends …. EVER”!

Mahou Monie + Me
doble chocolate?!
the DOPEST doctor you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting ~
annnddd … thanks guys! THANKS for showing me that I need to do better >.<
kawaii monsters LOLz
her lipstick make you jealous cuz it should …
Paulina is such a frakkin’ doll!
the embodiment of Afro Kawaii
and last but not least, … PEACE to da FAM, Baba Kuroji and his tribe slid thru (please pardon his cropped face it was bright and I couldn’t see >.<9

Making 🌊🌊🌊🌊 with DC KawaiiStyle

Y’all we hit a major milestone!

This year we were able to sell tickets to Sakura Matsuri as affiliates. So we decided that any earnings will go towards our business filing needs, etc.

And we ONLY expected to get up to $400 back … but God!!!

Now to get some things in order so that we can CASH this check would be nice hahahaha


Welp family, it’s late here and I have jet lag + insomnia (← yup! it’s a real struggle >.<

I do hope you enjoyed this s update and looking forward to sharing more!

Until then, I’ll see you when I return from Japan …

Ok. Maybe while I’m there too but you know what I mean haha


Let’s keep in Touch!


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