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My Kawaii Creative Journey + Passive Creatives Creativepreneur Group

Hi かわいい + creative friends!

I’m now on this kawaii creative journey ^.^

This weekend was a big deal so I thought I’d share that and a bit from my journey with you.

I hope you don’t mind

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still floating from an ahhhh ~mazing time at the Passive Creatives inaugural Creativepreneur Group LIVE. Y’all! It was great to connect with people who really want to build creatively in an entrepreneurial space …

This build is EXTREMELY important to me, as part of the ‘B Side’ to my business ~

but more important, I get to learn and help others by passing the knowledge on.

Each One Teach One!

So here’s a bit about our new adventure.

About My Kawaii Creative Journey

my studio, Little INKPLAY Shop, is only a part of my big YUME (dream)

The focus is kawaii + creativity + community

There’ll will be more about that later but check out Little INKPLAY Shop So Far ^.^

(started from da bottom now we here)

Aside from being a life long entrepreneur and owning my space …

here’s my profile slide that shares a bit of my qualifications ^.^

Creatives Coming Together

In January, Tim swooped in to make sure I was on my grind – focused and productive, diligently working on side B to my business.

Somewhere in that swooping, we started throwing around more ideas and actively planning workshops for our Facebook group, Creativepreneur Mastermind

‘We’ve got big plans for you’ ~Tim

Given both of our backgrounds, influence & expertise, we’ve definitely noticed a void of business resources just right for the true right-brain creative …

so here we are ~

3 ideals + 1 goal
Imani + Tim, The Passive Creatives

Business + Fun Times

Because business should never be boring … ^.^

here’s a bit of BTS photo spam of the Passive Creatives

I’m mostly analog, while Tim’s 100% digital
amazing to see my friend’s qualifications … I got #goals mama!
and the BEST snapchat award goes to … da baby coach! *dat me* huhuhu (Snapchat: ipukekawaii)

The Message

We REALLY want to challenge creatives to consider evaluating self + creating to reach BEYOND their backyard ❤
and demonstrate how important preparation is
me?! I want to help bridge the right brain left brain gap … so we creatives can DO BETTER in business ^.^
my favorite part of my presentation was sharing the importance of getting clear on one’s motivation vs. inspiration

Preparation + Things I Learned

Entrepreneurship is such an emotional journey >.<

Over two weeks of planning and I experienced so many emotions of happiness, empowerment, fear, uncertainty, frustration and so many more


But the #1 thing I learned is that


And also in love with this leg of it. Which means I’ll go far ❤

First of all KUDOS to me hawt dayum! I prepared for this presentation while launching my baby, Convos with Customers (check out the first 3 episodes HERE)
and brain breaks included sending some lovely snail mail to pen pals
as well as blogging + organizing IP Brand VC + BI
new branding happened ^.^
and now that workshop’s over, I’m free to organize my courses + content ^.^
don’t mind me … practicing kawaii poses is part of my preparation LOLz

Achievement Unlocked

This workshop revealed a LOT. Mostly that for creatives, there is a need …

and we’d like to build to meet it ~

look! I made partner y’all hahahaha
I’m super excited to see how fellow creativepreneurs apply their new knowledge ^.^
kawaii pose ACTIVATE! (told yah I was preparing😂🤣🙃)

Things to Come

I’m SUPER excited about our next steps but for now back to preparing …

now creating my first kawaii creative editorial calendar
journaling + plotting our next moves to grow ^.^

Interested in seeing where my journey leads me!

Follow my social media & let’s take the journey together!

(links at the end of this post ^.^)

signing off as one of the cool kids haha

Ok! Serious question ~

Will you do me the honor of joining me on this journey? Comment and let me know!

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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