Creative Vision Mapping Workshop Recap + Works in Progress + Other Updates

Hi かわいい + creative family ^.^


OMG! fam ~

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of co-hosting a creative vision mapping workshop.

It was super fun, chill, and productive … especially for a Saturday morning!

So I thought I’d share a recap and my personal excitement *whoo!*

I am so excited to be building my creative entrepreneur branding platform and can’t wait share with you!

Extremely over the moon is an understatement, but I’m amped for a few reasons, but the top three would be ~

  • helping others (especially people who look like me!) – I’m a helper by nature and enjoy embracing that quality in myself ❤
  • personal accountability – I can’t give creative advice for better business, if I don’t practice it myself ^.^
  • reaching financial goals – creating a serious passive stream of income that matches tattoo income; just as profitable and full-filling, will certainly help give my pockets a boost!

A HUGE thing that I’ll be using to start my year in this new area is my upcoming kawaii kwanzaa challenge that I’ll be using to guide me through my creative group mentoring goals for building ^.^

Not only will I be teaching this but like every year, I’ll be doing it too! ❤

[Stay tuned for updates THIS WEEK!]

Now that you know what the future looks like … let’s take a step back into the past for my FIRST ever creative vision mapping workshop, co-hosted with my customer-friend and success coach, Mike Powell ^.^

~・Creative Vision Mapping・~

Imani sensei here ❤
Mike breaking down S.M.A.R.T. goals
me being me haha
+ more pens
and even more pens!

preparing for this workshop got me setting up my 2018 daily calendar >.<


Kofi had resting contemplating face all morning LOL
Cake hung hers in plain sight ❤
her mom & grandma are rooting for her success, I KNOW IT!
it was a great day and I’m back in the studio doing my 90 day planner + hobonihi set-up

I hope you enjoyed!

Interested in attending a goal-setting workshop?


so you never miss an update!

Plus there’s a freebie there, from me to you ~

Here’s some motivation to finish 2017 STRONG!

Let’s kick the door down in 2018!

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

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