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My Tokyo Air BnB Review + Daily Walk Routine in Asaka-ku, Saitama

Hi かわいい + creative family!

Happy Monday and how goes it ~

I’m so far behind – being sick and things – with my air b & b review from my stay in Tokyo.

But better late than never, right?!

And after … I’ll take you on a walk around my little neighborhood. It was too cute and I can’t wait to visit there again ❤

Enjoy ~

🌸 Mini Air BnB Tour 🌸

Still in a self-care/ protective mode, I knew that Tokyo and my anxiety may not play so well this time.

So I chanced a stay in Saitama for the second part of my Japan stay.

I’ve heard so many wonderful things about the area so why not give it a try!

yea Tokyo … not this time huhuhu
clear night skies
otsukaresama desk! thanks to my host and a very patient cab driver, we found it ❤
shitsureishimasu ~
another cute + efficient stay nabbed ^.^
my little living/ study space
my bed (I was so ready to get in it!)
extra bedding for more company
my fav part is the skylight ~
even Even basks in in it ^.^

🌸 Around the Neighborhood 🌸

I arrived at night so I didn’t know what was around …

Needless to say, my 15 minute walk to the nearest train was always colorful, meditative, and serene.

And I was located right outside metropolis lines, making it easy to strike a city/ suburb balance.

Just what the doctor ordered!

Here are a few simple things I enjoyed EVERY DAY ~

everyday, I crossed this bridge and enjoyed the view coming + going

Every day, I enjoyed the local wild flowers and agriculture

stopped at the combini
for a morning manga fix ^.^
and every day I took this stroll to the train …
but every day, I also stopped here before train hopping
for a daily meal, Tokyo-style miso ramen set + beer 😋
the end of my stay was topped with a gift of traditional Japanese okashi (sweets) and a personal ride to the train

This was one of the best visits to the Tokyo area for me. And staying a part from the hustle & bustle was the best self-care + coping move ever.

I think I’ll be more mindful and do that more often for my times in the Kanto region ❤


Hey family! Thanks for hanging out and as always, thanks for reading ~

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Gambare, minna
Love, イマーニ

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My Tokyo Air BnB Review + Daily Walk Routine in Asaka-ku, Saitama was originally published on The Kawaii + Creative Corner

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