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Japan Kawaii Hauls

Hi かわいい + creative family ^.^

I’m back in the US and semi ready for work ~

Still sick but we got business to tend to, so soro sort da yo!

or …

a little at a time. ^.^

While choosing give-a-way winners I thought I’d share some of my kawaii hauls from Japan from this season’s trip

🌸Kawaii Hauls🌸

Of course, every trip is a positive hoarding experience for me haha

I try to grab things that are beneficial to growing my business, additions for the studio, or things I could save on shipping ^.^

Since I am working on my DoCoJo Group Mentoring part of my business, I hoarded way more stationary than usual …

Since I normally shop at Rainbowholic Shop, I can usually go easy on the stationary, leaving room for other things but, eh ~

YOLO?! 🤣🤣🤣

Stationary hoarding started at Nefril Aquarium at Expo Center … so much easier than carrying a ton of plushies 😩😅
still don’t know why Nao-san & I thought a visit to Loft was a good idea. But … let the hoarding commence ~

These noteboooks and journal are my new keys to life + business + organization for 2018

and … trips to Osaka Pokemon Center never disappoint ^.^
grabbed a new phone case (my old one was done!) and outfitted it with Pokemon candy charms
Sarubobo Doraemon + Hida Gudetama were floating around anoutside market at Takadanobaba Station.
of course, meeting fellow Black Creatives in Japan means I had a budget just for support!
Yoshi-san and I met up at Sekaido for our language exchange date. Needless to say … I controlled myself, a lot! *pats self on back*
and right before getting really sick, I was able to grab some goods from my visit to Gotokuji
don’t worry … I promise to tell you all about it ❤
Haci & I went to the hundred yen shop for kaze kutsuri (cold medicine) and well … this happened 🤣
and I managed to grab a manga (I LOVE nekopanchi) and a few notebooks from the combini while getting orange juice
I’m not responsible for these hauls LOLz they’re gifts from friends, so there 😜
my last stop at Ikebukuro I drifted into It’s Demo shop & grabbed some kawaii face masks & socks ^.^

Didn’t expect more Pokemon friends but again I say … YOLO!

and I saved my peko-chan pop for my plane ride ^.^
somewhere behind this hoard, my hobonicihi is screaming … lemme out 😂🤣

But my stationary bag got me ❤

I managed to grab some feel good items from Asakusa shop in the airport. Most important is my sick buddy, Snorlax ❤

Thanks for hanging out for this season’s DC to Japan excursion.

There’s plenty more updates headed your way ~

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And all always, thank you for your support! ^.^

Gambare, minna


Imani (イマーニ)

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