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Hobonichi Flipthrough (#INKTOBER Edition) + November PUSH Goals

Hi かわいい+ creative family!

Guess what! It’ monthly goal digging’ time! *woot*

I can’t wait to update you all on my trip + the Blacks in Japan Conference.

(really powerful stuff there!)

And also share my #INKTOBER builds. But I’ll have to wait until I return Stateside.

Needing this brain break doesn’t mean I haven’t been goal digging’ though.

So les get dis werk ~

🌸October Small Goals

Don’t worry … I promise to do a flip through before November is through …

but for now, let us rejoice in the goals!


there’s still time to enter the give-a-way


⭕ Halloween print + stickers Shop Now
⭕ Kawaii Swole (client) OC + blog site work ← OC’s on deck!
⭕ conceptualize for Tokyo A-Z Guidebook (client) ← join her FB community, it’s LIT!


⭕30 day fundraiser Launched
⭕Big Blog Give-a-Way ← making magic with Rainbowholic
⭕keep back blogging ← soro soro da yo! (gradually)


⭕create new editorial + marketing schedule ← this shizzz is BOMB!
⭕plan + announce Japan fall travel/ guest work ← Yup! Here + Here
VC + BI research & organisation ← soro soro da yo! (gradually)

🌸November PUSH Goals

To close my year, I’ll be utilizing Push Goals, to focus and plan going into the new year ~

reading this with my beau ^.^

A Push Goal is the one goal on your list that if achieved would make all (or most) of the others possible.  IF you made a list of ten goals (which I recommend) and looked at it, ONE goal would help you achieve all of the others.

That is your PUSH goal.

It isn’t necessarily the goal that’s most important to you (in my case it is) but it IS the one that makes the others possible, like a domino effect.

Achieving that one goal will help you “push through” the others~

My PUSH goal for November will be gathering/ organizing information + planning the 2018 calendar for my studio community’s non-profit. (Hi DC KawaiiStyle ^.^)

a makeover’s already on progress
feel free to join the community! (you don’t even have to live in DC!)

I’m pretty excited to finally get here ❤

*does happy dance*

Sorry this post is so shallow but part 2, soon come – filled with more DC to Japan updates, some snaps + more!

For now though … enjoy a flick from my kawaii hoarding habit, happening right now in Japan!

Loft got me.🙃

Got goals and/ or feedback + content suggestions? Comment below ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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