DC to Japan

Hobonichi Flipthrough (#INKTOBER Edition) + November PUSH Goals

Check out my October achievements + November goals ~
More DC to Japan updates soon come!

Thank you for reading ❤

DC to Japan

Hi かわいい+ creative family!

Guess what! It’ monthly goal digging’ time! *woot*

I can’t wait to update you all on my trip + the Blacks in Japan Conference.

(really powerful stuff there!)

And also share my #INKTOBER builds. But I’ll have to wait until I return Stateside.

Needing this brain break doesn’t mean I haven’t been goal digging’ though.

So les get dis werk ~

🌸October Small Goals

Don’t worry … I promise to do a flip through before November is through …

but for now, let us rejoice in the goals!

there’s still time to enter the give-a-way


⭕️ Halloween print + stickers Shop Now

⭕️ Kawaii Swole (client) OC + blog site work ← OC’s on deck!

⭕️ conceptualize for Tokyo A-Z Guidebook (client) ← join her FB community, it’s LIT!


⭕️30 day fundraiser Launched

⭕️Big Blog Give-a-Way ← making magic with Rainbowholic

⭕️keep back…

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