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A Kawaii Date with Rainbowholic + Chibi Maruko-chan Cafe

Hi かわいい+ creative family,

Miss me yet?! haha

Anywhoo, thought I’d share a nostalgic moment as I get ready for Tokyo next week since that also means a super fun & kawaii ritual of meeting up with Kaila (Rainbowholic) for some quality time.

A couple of years ago I did Design Festa (my first one!) and mama Kaila showed up for support.

And then … to celebrate being dreamers and achieving goals (cuz Design Festa was one of them), a few days later we met up to decompress, hang out, and just be.

Speaking of support tho … (and now a word from our sponsors 🤣)

Shameless plug here for our kawaii collabo give-a-way. It’s Gudetama themed and includes Rainbow mail y’all! *faints*

You can Join the Give-A-Way here ~

🌸Chibi Maruko-chan Cafe🌸

We decided to venture to Odabia … even though we’d just left the general area from Design Festa.

But the Chibi Maruko-chan cafe is located in the Fuji TV building there.

And we all know how I feel about her 😸 So I’ll spare you my fan girl’ing + herding out.

If you DON’T know my love for this character and anime, though, bling my comments & let me hip you to some game ^.^

I arrived hella early ~
so happy to be greeted by their original mascot, Laugh
and now …
our feature presentation
hanging with the cool kids while I wait ^.^

Amazingly I read most of their sayings, in their voice …

but only in my head. I’m a fluent whiz at Japanese (language) there 🙈🤣

looks so warm + welcoming
the menu
Happy 25th Maru-chan ^.^
gotta add gochapon to the list of fun kawaii things ^.^
of course I played …

I forgot what I got tho >.<

let’s go!
friends hanging around the counter
merch ~
and funny Japanese-English. I LOVE IT!

It was great and not crowded ~

We ordered and played around a bit at the counter while I was deciding what my haul would look like ^.^

And the staff was super friendly. They even made little jokes and shared short laughs with us ❤



I wanted to skip the food. I was most excited about desert …
Kaila doing her thang huhuhu

Be sure to check out her kawaii adventures at The Rainbowholic

Such a great choice. If I had to rate and review, it’d be five hearts for sure!

🌸Outside the Cafe🌸

After lunch we walked around for some more Chibi Maruko-chan fun ^.^

And to hang out in general.

souvenir pressed pennies
oohhhh sh!t Purikura time

and more ufo arcade goodness
I STILL want to see this movie. Maybe after this trip? …
I’m just getting hip to Sazaesan

Sazaesan is an old-school, slice of life comedy anime series.

Adapted from the manga, it depicts their daily life in the suburbs of Japan.

Sounds like something I’d like, for sure ~

cute family ❤
yokoso ~
hey look! a model of Fuji Tv building

🌸Walking Around Odaiba🌸

I told y’all we were hanging tough that day …

It was daylight when we had lunch. It’s dinner time naow LOLz

Tokyo Bay is really pretty at dusk
the train ride back is going to be magical
forever young ~ hahaha
thanks for your love and support, always sis ^.^ you da besssttttt (in my DJ Khaled voice)

I hope you enjoyed our kawaii date! There’ll be more soon after my monthly goal digging’ and DC to Japan duties.

Until then, Join the give-a-way! And let’s connect ~

Follow my Snapchat + Instagram (@ipukekawaii) to enjoy Japan with me! ^.^

Gambare, minna
Imani (イマーニ)

Let’s keep in Touch!


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A Kawaii Date with Rainbowholic + Chibi Maruko-chan Cafe was originally published on The Kawaii + Creative Corner

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